How to grow a Pineapple inside!

So simple, yet so fun & they even produce pineapples! Do this with your kids. No knives, mess or skill needed. Great for adults too. And the best part is ……(insert drum roll here)… can eat the pineapple after planting the top. NOTHING gets wasted!

25 Responses to “How to grow a Pineapple inside!”

  1. Great video! I’m doing it right now.

  2. Hi Nick! Can you see my comment?

  3. Wow, I  eat pineapples all the time I’m going to try this. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Love your video! Great personality!! You could have your own tv show…

  5. I would let the pineapple ripen.

  6. That’s cool! When can I detach the plant from the pineapple? It’s slightly un-ripe…

  7. Use the pellets. Sure wouldn’t hurt at all. :)

  8. Thank goodness! Also, I have snail pellets that the label said would break down as nutrients. Can I. Use that to help enrich the soil?

    I also went out and bought me a pineapple today! (Was $4 and was partially un-ripe but the fully ripe ones were ten dollars[!]

  9. LOL that was a fun day!

  10. Ok just put it in water,Thanks! I just watched video on Monster pineapple plant and loved watching the dog run in the snow. He looked so HAPPY! Oh and what fun hitting those tree branches.

  11. Your pineapple will love the outdoors and grow like mad. :)

  12. Yes you definitely can as long as you feed it with a continuous gentle feeding of organic fertilzer. Coco peat has zero nutrients.

  13. Your pineapple plants will LOVE the outdoor warm temps.

  14. Place the top in a clear glass with water. Make sure the water is only up to where you stopped pulling off leaves. Place the glass out of direct sunlight or direct bright light somewhere in your home for a week or two. Change the water every few days. Within two weeks you should definitely see roots sprouting. When the roots reach an inch long you can plant it in soil. Let the new transplant rest away from direct light for a day and then place in the light and watch it grow. :)

  15. @Rose67bank funny I can’t stop watching them.

  16. Ok I just removed the lower leaves of my pineapple and I don’t see roots. Should I buy a new one or will this one still work? Oh and by the way your videos are so f

  17. I love pineapple. Have one on my kitchen counter right now. Will plant it tomorrow when I cut it up. I live in Michigan and have an all season sun room on the south-east side of my house so should be able to grow it there. I over-winter hibiscus and some other tropical plants in that room. Would it be OK to take the pineapple outside during the summer?
    Really enjoy your videos. You look rather young to be retired. It’s great that it is working out so you can spend so much time outside.

  18. Can you plant this in coco too?

  19. Hi Praxxus! I love ur videos I watch them every night before I go to sleep! Anyway, since its warm where I am, can I leave my pineapple plant outside?

  20. Very cool video thank you

  21. oh also if you dont like pineapple then youre a bad person, im sorry. too funny

  22. Just returned from Hawaii to bitter cold Michigan. I’m definitely going to try it with the pineapple we brought home. Thanks for the great video!

  23. OHHH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU I CAN NOT WAIT TO TRY!!! I have already bought a pineapple lol

  24. i want to try!

  25. Thank you so much, you made that very easy. This will be our first go at it but I’m faithful we will be very successful. I can’t wait to watch your other videos. Also what is your mixture of soil again?