How To Grow Broccoli From Seed In Containers The three main stages that I completed in this review of, “How To Grow Broccoli From Seed In Containers” are the seedling stage, transplanting, and harvesting. Other reviews may also contain all of the elements of the plant’s life cycle: Seed Starting Seeds Seedling Transplanting Vegetative Cloning success Flower Forcing Flowering Regeneration We suggest starting with USDA certified organic seed if you can not find a local friend that is already growing Broccoli and can give you some seeds. This is just because I have found that many of the seeds that I order online or find in a local nursery do not have a very high germination rate compared to USDA certified organic seeds. Be warned through because some companies try to use the USDA name and the USDA is having a hard time cracking down on the misuse of their logo. How to grow Broccoli from seed in containers! Try starting the seeds in a small cardboard box or container with a few inches of soil and good drainage. Be sure to use the same soil through out each stage or the plant may become stressed and stop growing. Then, after the Broccoli has a couple larger leafs and is around a couple inches tall, I transplanted them into around 100 one gallon containers. Some did not make it, some were eaten by California cauliflower larva, and others died because I added bone meal too early in their development. Many did survive however and after I lifted the containers off the ground so animals could not get to them

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  1. this video person is annoying to the point where i can’t watch this video

  2. btw those plants probably died because of lack of water not because of too much fertilizer. Potting soil drains way to quick for most plants that are in the sun. Usually you will get other side effects from too much fertilizer- colored leaves(yellow or red), dropped blossoms, or even stunted growth. Plus I do not think bone meal can burn plants that is why it is preferred over chemical fertilizers.

  3. gregoryhillmanvideo Reply June 6, 2012 at 7:44 am

    My broccoli plants were around 2 – 3 feet tall and were perfect to water and pick each morning.

  4. Great! How tall do the brocoli plants get?