How to Grow Chocolate M&Ms – Free Chocolate from Your Garden!

Whether you’re encouraging your kids to start gardening, or just want to save money on your grocery bills, growing your own chocolate makes a lot of sense. I…

25 Responses to “How to Grow Chocolate M&Ms – Free Chocolate from Your Garden!”

  1. This was so creative and funny. :) )) 

  2. This is wonderful.

  3. Talk with a British accent and you can sell anything, lol

  4. nice!

  5. LOL, that was great!
    Now you need to make a video on how to grow telephone poles. Everyone knows
    that telephone poles can NOT be grown the Square Foot method, because their
    roots just overcrowd each other. Plant a tooth pick every 5 feet in 1-foot
    of sawdust, keep it watered well, and within a week you will have a row
    of poles about the size of a walking stick. Two weeks more, and they are
    ready to saw down. Happy harvesting!

  6. You played that pretty straight.

  7. My grandson will love this.Knowing how much he loves MandM’s we shall start
    with a 10 x 10 plot in the garden!

  8. The Gardening Cook Reply April 3, 2014 at 6:14 am

    April Fool’s Day!

  9. Ha! Ha! Ha! Great job & perfect deadpan for authenticity!

  10. wow mine have all sprouted already, lol great idea for april fools day, i
    wonder how many morrons actually believed it though :D thanks for posting :) 

  11. Well done! Now I want to grow M&Ms in our garden. 

  12. Awww I want to grow M&Ms….

  13. Must be planted on April first for optimal growth…

  14. Gardener is just a fancy word for Plant Servant.

  15. Haha!!! Too funny!

  16. I find the Blue M&Ms develop when we have a colder spring.

  17. I knew right away, but good one!

  18. You just broke my daughter’s heart…LOL

  19. omg… I totally forgot today was April Fools day!! I’m watching this video
    saying this guy has flipped his cork!! They would melt not grow!! He’s so
    serious and speaks with authority so it really helps him seem credible lol.

    awesome idea if you could plant the candy along with beans (the kids didn’t
    see) and then fill the pods and call them out to harvest lol

  20. Wow, this is a great video. Now my daughter wants to plant m&m trees. I
    guess it would be the same for planting a mentos bush, but if I remember
    correctly they need to be germinated in a 2 liter bottle of diet coke

  21. I love how he stays so serious throughout the whole thing! I don’t think
    that I could keep a straight face.

  22. Aye, i have trouble with the blue ones also. The secret to getting lots of
    blues is to liberally apply smurf poop to the garden soil about 6 weeks
    before planting.

  23. lol :D 

  24. I love M&M;s Great episode peanut are my fav so lets get growing.mine might
    not grow though as I couldnt plant today as i was working but il throw them
    in the morning and see what happens :) Happy April Fools everyone :) 

  25. Best April fools ever!!!