How to Grow Food in Your Front Yard if it is Illegal

John from shares with you the plight of Hermine and Tom, a Miami Shores, Florida couple who had to rip out their front yard…
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  1. Home Owner’s Associations are the DEBIL!!!!

    Seriously though, if you can avoid HOAs, do it at all costs because I have
    had friends and family members who were forced out of their homes by the
    sawed off little dictators that run HOAs. I have read stories about people
    losing their homes when HOAs have foreclosed on their homes for back dues
    as little as $400 dollars.

    If one of the people on the counsel takes a dislike to you, they will get
    all the other counsel members in the clique to gang up on you and make your
    life a living hell like they did to my poor elderly aunt.

    She had diabetes really bad and would get forgetful and crabby and a
    neighbor took a dislike to her and complained about every single thing,
    like her patio furniture was the wrong color or she didn’t have enough
    landscaping or she put soup cans in the recycle bin or she hung a wet rug
    on the fence to dry. They made her a nervous wreck and she had to move. She
    lost a lot of money on that duplex!

    HOAs should be illegal because they are giving private citizens too much
    power over other people’s lives with no due process.


  2. 8:23 They do discriminate against the color of the people in Florida. Don’t
    be naive. 

  3. 2JobsStillPoorUSA Reply April 19, 2014 at 11:18 am

    I would pull out the plants, pot them and put them on my freaking roof! 

  4. This is so sad that a video like this even has to be made. I feel very bad
    about the society we live in. The government needs to get its hands out of
    everyone’s business. It just really saddens me. Thanks for bringing us all
    along for this! don’t just be subordinate, speak up!

  5. Have a garden in the back yard. There. problem solved. Cake for everyone. :) 

  6. We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created
    equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights
    inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, &
    liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; … please notice the word;s
    independent and the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of
    happiness. this source is from the United States Declaration of
    Independence. that alone says local government doesn’t respect what our
    forefathers died for, if growing a garden makes them happy then they
    shouldnt have to remove it because it was in the pursuit of their happiness

  7. Yep grass is vegetation.

  8. Hey John!
    Keep these kinds of videos coming! People need to be aware!

    Can you recommend the best place to purchase organic non-GMO fruit trees?
    I’m dying to buy some.

  9. I could go for a law saying the garden beds in the front lawn must be kept
    up. An example is how John’s front lawn looks. Have defined borders and
    make it look nice so in spring when you are starting out people can see a
    good outline of what your doing. More time spent weeding and pruning to
    keep up the garden that is seen to the public will also help. Now the
    total ban on veggies is just wrong. 

  10. FOOD, shelter, clothing, 3 BASIC NEEDS OF A HUMAN BEING, duh! Food =
    vegetable, it is an absurd law, no sense law that lawmakers should not have
    passed and should have been revoked by now. And here I thought America is a
    free country, but growing your food in the front yard is ILLEGAL!

  11. Those spiky looking plants that you said you didn’t know the name of are

  12. Are you wearing a wig?

  13. Agenda 21. Look it up. It’s a U.N. treaty that forces all countries that
    sign up to implement this type of crap. It actually states that ALL private
    property is UNSUSTAINABLE!!!!!

  14. What kind of BS is this?? I would move out to a place where it’s legal,
    even perhaps another country. It’s the worst shit I’ve ever heard. 

  15. Tasha Lee (Fruitful Healthy Living) Reply April 19, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Glad you got to make this vid. Made me smile. :) 

  16. so right, they want to any law they can to get our money, or lock us bums
    up. home grown food is so much better for us, but n.w.o. and population
    control is their agenda.

  17. fireincarnation2 Reply April 19, 2014 at 6:00 pm

    Make it look nice. Chose decorative, colorful, and interesting plants.
    Don’t grow corn. For some reason, people hate the sight of growing corn. I
    have no idea why. I think most of it is tidiness, and making the symmetry
    of the garden look planned, NOT like rows of different crops.

  18. I think John is almost a libertarian. :-) 

  19. Hostas are great plants for shady areas and you can eat the leaves. You can
    juice them as well – the juice is great for the skin – just dab it on.

  20. It is very UNCONSTITUTIONAL to legislate that people can’t grow food on
    their property. Even Thomas Jefferson stated that people, even the poorest,
    & by necessity, have the right to cultivate the land to provide food for
    themselves and their families. Bureaucracy & government over reach have
    stepped over the line in the sand, by ruling that people don’t have the
    right to grow their own food. Do it anyways, and educate yourselves, so you
    have grounded information to fight back. If we give in as the people, we
    relinquish our rights to unworthy rulers. It’s time to wake up people.
    there are wars being waged against us, and it’s time to find our inner
    strength and set things straight. The time for flower power is over, so to
    speak. It’s time to become empowered. Only we, the people, can can take
    back what is rightfully ours. Find yourselves, and stop being slaves to

  21. Everyone affected should (bought home in HOA neighborhoods) need to begin
    or sign petitions to have laws state that if the home gardens meet
    reasonable criteria–maybe raised beds (look nice) maintain it the same as
    one would maintain a lawn, practice good practices for water conservation
    ect. whaterver. I mean this would be a good thing for neighborhoods to
    have pretty front yard gardens.

  22. People should definitely fight not being able to grow food in the front
    yard. If people can grow decorative plants, they should be able to grow
    edible plants. The good thing is the more unusal plants, such as growing
    Moringa as a landscape tree, for example. Rosemary is often used as a
    landscape plant as well. Keep in mind, however, that some of these lawn
    rules was what people wanted to keep their neighborhood home values up.
    People buy into gated communities with very restrictive CC&Rs for the gates
    AND the perceived property values. If it wasn’t desirable. it wouldn’t
    happen. It takes the American public to define what is desirable. I have
    visited lawns full of junk cars, or masses of cats, or weeds so tall as to
    block the house from view. What do you want to see next door? What kind of
    law would you write so you can grow food but not have rats and roaches next
    door? This is the question for all people who must live together.

  23. One potential problem with having a garden in the back yard is a septic
    system/leach field. The front yard might be the only reasonable option for
    a residential garden.

  24. Anyone notice the pot plant at 12:48? Looks like John did and zipped right
    by it LOL!

  25. “They” can do just about ANYTHING they want to do… Just sayin’! Look
    what happened just today…..