How to grow garlic in containers

These are just a few real easy ways to grow garlic in milk jugs, laundry baskets, and the green stalks of the garlic are so much better than the actual clove…
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  1. How do you prevent cross pollination?

  2. Awesome stuff. Thank you for your knowledge and sharing- I am new to this.

  3. He doesn’t appear to make an attempt to be funny….but he just is. 

  4. i love garlic. i will try planting some.

  5. You are too damn cool.

  6. I love your video because I use also the milk and water jug for indoor
    planting. I have 5 containers of bell pepper and I use also the jug for
    sunflower sprout. So economical and wise to use these jug. Now I will plant
    also garlic and thanks for sharing.Very helpful video.

  7. Very creative idea using the milk jugs. Thanks for posting.

  8. Great info. on the companion plants. Thanks. :)

  9. great video. I live in the northeast can I still plant the garlic in the
    jugs outside? thank you

  10. Great video. I have around 40 garlic growing. I’m very excited because my
    garlic is growing and not dying like it usually does.I have mine in a
    plastic raised bed in my balcony.

  11. Nice eyes. Might have to watch this video again.

  12. hi i was curious i just started my own plants and i want to start a small
    compost because i live in an apartment what would be the best way to
    accomplish this and how do i set it up???? thanks in advance!!!!! Vanessa
    in California

  13. Absolutely! Red wigglers or composting worms are best for that.

  14. Sunshine Velasquez Reply February 12, 2014 at 2:22 am

    Hi ,the gralic has to be dry? because i put some in a container with water
    but i wish to put it in a soil,is ok if i do it like that? thank
    youuuu!!!nice video!!

  15. Sweet. I’ve got some garlic doing well in the greenhouse, right in a worm

  16. Hey man nice video, I live in Hungary and this is my first year for growing
    veg check out my videos please. I always look for new ideas, yours are one
    of them so thanks for the tip love to see people growing anywhere they can.
    Let me know what you think ?

  17. I see that is has been a year since you have posted this question, have you
    tried using worms? I have been reading and watching things on worm farms
    and have found that red worms are the best for composting. So I would guess
    they would do well for garden also. I am just getting into this container
    gardening. I am tired of reading about all the stuff they are doing to our
    food and want more natural food.

  18. Sunilnand Vijayarathna Reply February 12, 2014 at 3:54 am

    You have done a very very very good job Bro ..Cheers M8..:)

  19. great vids bud, love the fresh veggies. I got some green peppers growing
    inside, dont no if they will produce peppers but the plant looks nice and

  20. What does it look like later, when grown?

  21. I’m new to all of this, my hubby and I are starting look up how to grow our
    own stuff from our apartment, we feel limited b/c we don’t have our home
    yet with a yard. Your video from your balcony encouraged us :-) especially
    using milk jugs since our 2year goes through milk like water leaving us
    with lots of jugs!

  22. how did you make the sprouts?? sorry i dont get it.

  23. RedBerry at Homestead Hopes Reply February 12, 2014 at 6:37 am

    I just learned today that Tomorrow- which is the 1stbest day of Fall is the
    best time to plant Garlic. I live in SW Louisiana but have spent the summer
    in Utah. Should be heading back home soon & will definitely plant me some
    garlic. Great video!

  24. Thanks for the encouragement! We could all do well with growing our own!
    Can’t wait to try this, even with my MN winters. I’ll have to mulch around
    my buds to keep them safe from the snow.

  25. thanks, but do you water the garlic after you plant and continue all
    through the winter?