How to Grow Potatoes – Organic Vegetable Gardening

Watch this video to learn a simple method to grow potatoes followed by 5 cool facts! Thanks for watching and please subscribe so you can stay up to date with…

15 Responses to “How to Grow Potatoes – Organic Vegetable Gardening”

  1. Nice job there bro :) we sure go through them at our house :) 

  2. I think I’ll try potatoes this year for a change. How, again, do you know
    when they’re ready? When the flowers begin, during, or after? And #2 – do
    you have a video on crop rotation? I think I’m tiring out my little areas
    and I could use some ideas on rotation. I’m probably not the only dummy in
    the Rotation Department either :) 

  3. Great tips my friend ! Potatoes in 3 months !! 

  4. Great start … but, this is just the 1st step. I think the title should
    read as “How to plant potatoes” … The next tricks are knowing how to
    “Hill” them up and knowing when to harvest … Would love to see those
    steps in future videos… Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice job, Huw. I especially enjoyed the facts about potatoes which you

  6. Spuds are good ;-) 

  7. Thank you so much! This is just what I need for my garden this year!

  8. nice vid, hope you get lots of potatoes

  9. do you have a update on these?

  10. stephen mcginley Reply July 10, 2014 at 2:09 am

    Respect mhan!Keep up the good work :) 

  11. I literally grew potatos once by just burrying them and ignoring them for a
    while. they are the easiest thing in the universe to grow, except for trees
    of paradise.

  12. My potatoes started well but the leaves are looking a little yellow. Any
    suggestions on what the problem could be? 

  13. I usually plant spuds on St. Paddy’s Day but this year the ground is still
    frozen like a rock and the snow only melted a few days ago. 

  14. My Dad seems to have his potatoes in mounds that make up the rows. Is
    there anything significant about that? Your’s are just a flat bed.
    Oh, and can I use horse manure as the compost?