How to grow Strawberries in Hydroponics, Tips (1) 2013

2nd season with my strawberry tower. I show you how I get my system up & running. I also answer a few question & show you the new hydroponic nutrient that i’…
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  1. My water temp is averaging around 70 degrees. My rez is partially buried in the soil & that helps keep the temps down. I live in a mild climate & I don’t have to worry about over heating the root zone. Hope that helps .

  2. If I had to do it again I would have painted the pipes white. I think that would help out a lot with the heating of the water.

  3. Oh yea

  4. With Black pvc pipe, does it not drastically heat up in sun? surely the 10 gallon res running through it cools it a bit. What are the temps at the root zone in the pipe?

  5. Thank you Dimitrious !

  6. dimitrious haouimi Reply July 10, 2013 at 5:55 am


  7. Thanks Richard. Let me know how it does.

  8. Gonna make me one of these and add to my aquaponics system. Cheers and thanks

  9. I picked 5ft scrap pieces from a excavator contractor that installs pvc pipe for electrical. You could also try a plumber.

  10. Thanks for the Sub, I just Subscribed to yours as well. I went to Lowes and that pipe was about $12 something a 10 foot section…I might be holding off for this year

  11. I saw one set up that used ladder racks. The L shape rack you mount on a wall to hang your ladders on . Worked out pretty good.

  12. Oh yea , I saw a video on that a while a go. Yea I think that would work out really good.

  13. Hi Larry, your setup stays on one side of your support where as the “VEG” system starts at the top like yours but the 90′s points to the back of the support and then the next run is on the back side… kind of like your wrapping it around the frame if you search for Vertical Earth Gardens on youtube you’ll see what I was talking about…thanks

  14. Thanks DJ . What did you mean wrap around the support ? Did you mean like a ladder rack?

  15. Nice set up, I have seen some that wrap around the support so it’s on both sides and was thinking of going that way but liked your information, Thanks for sharing

  16. Hi mskyprepper, That is correct. My net cups are 4″ on the outside edge & 3″ on the inside edge. My cups have a nice size lip on the outside. I would buy your cups 1st then match a hole saw with your cup. Not sure if sizes change from brand to brand. Hope that makes sense, let me know if I can help. Have a good one

  17. Hi! Thanks for posting. I’m planning to build this. Did I hear you correctly – 3 5/8″ hole saw?  The hole is larger than the netpot?

  18. Last year I switched to bloom & didn’t notice a difference. This year i’m going to use grow nutients through the entire summer. I just got my 1st strawberry. Thanks for watching & let me know if you have any further questions.

  19. AMERICANKaishakunin Reply July 10, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    With you nutrients do you use grow nutrients through out the entire grow or do you switch to a bloom nutrient at some point?

  20. Thanks Jeff, make sure you do a video on your new project. Have a good one

  21. Sorry about that Marty- you’re right. I came in 14″ from the outside & then went 10″ from center to each pipe. I will put a new anotation to clear that up.Thanks for the comment & have a good one

  22. It looks to me that you net pots are a lot closer then 14″.


  23. Absolutely!

  24. I am not very good at shooting video and have a horrible on camera voice over.

  25. Now we can share tips & ideas.