How To Grow Tomato Seeds video with Thompson & Morgan.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Yes you can.Make sure it’s organic.
    1..Cut the tomato in half,and squeze out the seed’s in something like a pint jar.Then add a ittle water..don’t use tap..use water from the store.
    2…Let it sit for 3-7 day’s.You will start to see mold on top..that’s need that to dissolve the gel on the seed’s.
    3…After you let it sit and see it rot.Take and dump it in a small strainer.Run water over them real good until clean.
    Dry on coffee filter’s for up to 2 weeks.Any question’s,pm me.

  3. Yes – the seedlings will certainly have a similar growth rate to the parent plant. So if you have sown a dwarf bush variety for example, then the seedlings will be fairly small. They might need a little more heat to get them going so it would be worth bringing them indoors to a bright windowsill until they have grown a bit more.

  4. yes i washed them first, they did sprout but the sprouts are really small..about the size of 1 inch..does the sprout size depend on the type of tomato planted? i didnt start them indoor, there are about 7 seeds i planted in a potting soil and placed them outside with temperature about 35-40 degrees celcius..they look healthy but i am worried about the size because i did plant watermelons and honeydew melons and know how the first sprouts look like. should i re plant them with new seeds?

  5. Tomatoes enclose their seed in a jelly like substance that contains growth inhibitors, to prevent the seed germinating inside the tomato. If you use seed from a tomato then you should wash them thoroughly first to remove this jelly so that they can germinate. To be honest – it’s more effort than it is worth. You really are better off buying the seeds.

  6. do i have to buy the seeds? can’t i use the seeds in a tomato?

  7. Ah – that may make a difference. Tomatoes enclose their seed in a jelly like substance that contains inhibitors, to prevent the seed germinating inside the tomato. If you use seed from a tomato then you should wash them first to remove this jelly so that they can germinate.

  8. today was the 7th day and i saw few sprouts but they are really tiny when compared to the seedlings shown in this video. the seeds that i planted were from a tomato itself.

  9. The cotyledons (very first set of leaves) will appear very quickly when the seed germinates – often within a week if conditions are warm. However the first ‘true’ leaves (these are the second set produced but will look like proper tomato leaves), take a little longer – maybe another week or so.

  10. PLZZZ answer
    how many days does it take for tomato seeds to sprout their first leaves?

  11. my pet duck ate mine D:

  12. my tomatoes are ready to be planted outside now :) i planted them late this year but oh well

  13. One of the best tomato videos I’ve seen.

  14. So long as you use a good quality compost and there are drainage holes in the bottom of the pot then you should not need to add anything else to the compost to improve drainage. Take care not to compact the soil by firming it in too hard. Hope that answers your question.

  15. I have a question, doesnt the plant need drainage? Love the videos, by the way!

  16. Great to hear that you are having a go. Best of luck with them.

  17. She’s using a potting soil bought from a garden centre. This will be clean and sterilised so there won’t be any nasties in it.

  18. Thats a shame that you lost one of your plants. Next time try sowing more plants than you need, then if one dies you will have a replacement. Once they get a bit bigger you just keep the best ones and throw the other ones on the commpost heap.

  19. Excellent video. Simple and to the point., and easy to understand. I will start growing tomatoes myself for the first time this year. I started my seedlings in a egg carton. I poked a hole in the bottom of each section. Filled them with good potting soil and placed one seed in each section. I put the carton on a sunny window sill and am just waiting for them to sprout. So far so good.

  20. is she only using pure compost? or is she using potting soil

  21. I just transplanted my two tomato seedlings the other day unfortunately one died but heck we learn from our mistakes

  22. You can add more compost o the bag once the plant has settled in and you start seeing strong new growth – usually 3 or 4 weeks later.

  23. UnderlinedDesigns Reply July 15, 2012 at 1:40 am

    If you don’t fill to top just yet then when do you?

  24. thank you for the nice tips. i grow the same tomatos

  25. Ye you can certainly start your sweetcorn off indoors now – or if you don’t have much space then you could wait until May and direct sow them outdoors.