How to Grow Tomatoes From Seed Indoors How to Grow Tomatoes From Seed Indoors
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  1. Hey there thanks! I found a 2,700 Lumen with 150 Watt spiral Light at Home Depot. Going to try that one out. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. @spiritartman Youshould be able to find it at any store that has a good selection of seeds out already.Try any farm stores,Lowes,Menards,or nurserys should have it.If no luckyou could make your own,2parts peatmoss ,1part vermiculite,1/8part ag. lime.I transplant all my vegtables except beans corn melons squash ,the large seed type.After you get your mix,have it as wet as a wrung out spounge before you put it in your flats.I use a teaspoon to dig out to transplant.Use 4` shop lite,1cool,1warm40wt

  3. @MikeTheGardener I use a soilless mix that is also a canadian product.. 

  4. Nice videos, Diane. I responded with my seed starting video. In it I show Canadian product, Sun-Gro Organic seed starting mix #3. It is soil-less, sterile and a perfect texture. (No affiliate association, just like the results).

  5. @TheSemperfidude Thanks!!! I did not realize it was a different concoction. Any suggestion on the Seed starting mix? Should I get from online? I did not notice anything
    of that nature at Home depot today. Thanks again. ! When do I transplant them into individual pots? or do I let them grow and put them right into the ground?

  6. @spiritartman You might want to use a seed starting mix instead of potting mix.Germinating seed need a sterile mix.When they get there first true leaves you can transplant to the potting mix.Trick is, keep plants close to lites ,almost touching,after transplanting.Hope it helps.

  7. @spiritartman , many , I spread and then then to transplant later, into different pots that is if I have too..

  8. @spiritartman sounds good, see how this works out for you.. good luck.. 

  9. How many seeds can you get out of an XL Tray?

  10. Hey there – Well, I’m getting a lesson in “lights” found 2,700 Lumen CFL aka “Spiral” bulbs at Home Depot. The 2nd runner up had only 1,600 Lumen. I figure this will be just right for one Tray. Will order the heating pad and use an Aluminum Turkey Backing Dish and put holes in the bottom to start the seeds. Got the Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting soil today on sale $3.88 for 8 Quart bag. I can cover the Baking dish with Clear wrap either that or spend 12 bucks on an XL Tray w/cover. Thanks

  11. @spiritartman , cfl are those spiral ones.. many are using them now too but I don’t know how they compare, and yes I have been using 2-40watt , 3000 lumens for years 13 + to be exact.. good luck! hope you find something..

  12. Thanks! Not sure what a CFL is. Yes, we have a Home Depot. I’ll take a drive over and see what I can find out. Usually, the customer service knowledge there is very limited. So, you say 40 Watts with 3,000 lumens will do the trick. I don’t want to over spend unnecessarily. Thanks!

  13. @spiritartman not sure of walmarts bulbs , I buy by the box each year so I can change some of mine out to get better lighting..

  14. @spiritartman well do you have a home depot, lowes, menards in your area by chance, sometimes the lights do not state the lumens.. research for a alternative I am thinking to go with some cfl , at least experiment with them.. I only have experience with the 40 watts..I am not light expert and don’t really understand all the light spectrums they provide..

  15. @spiritartman I have a commercial supplier, just go to your local stores that carry gardening items.. you should be able to find some ..

  16. PS where do you get your starter soil? (*

  17. Diane,
    I’m having a hard time finding a 3,000 lumen 40 watt bulb. I’m only doing one XL Tray of seeds about 40 seeds total. Is there a Walmart Alternative to the expensive lights selling at the Green House Megastore? I’m ordering 1 XL Tray with Cover from them. Just need to sort out the bulb and the bulb housing. Thanks!

  18. @spiritartman I get my peat-vermiculite soil from my wholesale supplier, you should be able to get anywhere they carry garden items, just look for seed starting soil.. 

  19. @spiritartman , these trays don’t .. but some do.. if you are prone to overwatering then having drainage will help you greatly..

  20. @spiritartman instead of me going through all the info I have all of this on my website please go and take a look I did it for this reason.. then go to growing from seed everything is there.. hope it helps..

  21. Hi again, Can you be more specific ie. what sort of soil you used and where to get it. Where to put the trays and for how long etc etc thanks!

  22. Do the Trays have drainage?

  23. Hi there. I am going to start from seed for the first time. Yet, I do not have a green house. Will have to use some sort of heat light per your suggestion. Please let me know I am in NY. Thanks.

  24. @TheOntarioGardener ditto..:)

  25. TheOntarioGardener Reply February 1, 2012 at 12:19 am

    My favorite types are the ones that yield big!