How to Grow World Record Tomatoes

Charles H. Wilber of Crane Hill, Alabama can teach us a lot about growing tomatoes He holds the Guinness Book, world’s record of 342 lbs per plant and there …

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  1. Thats cool but maters are yucky still

  2. BackToConstitution Reply December 13, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    We would all be better off, without rat poison in our water

  3. I have flouridated water. Apparently that kills the microbes in the soil
    that feeds the plants. My zucchinis thrive on it though.

  4. What a great tomatoes trees the delicious juicy fruits

  5. trap or poison the dang gopher!!

  6. did you do everything he told you to do?

  7. That’s like a mini tree! Such extensive roots! I wonder what each little
    root is building of the “Tomato tree”. ?

  8. If I ever have a tomato farm Mr. Wilbers advice will come in handy! Yes
    rain water. Although I’m afraid of bacteria and worms or lava from the rain
    water collected in the black plastic barrel. Seen live creatures in that
    barrel that are not mosquito larvae. So need a safe way to collect rain
    water and that pail or collector would have to be scrubbed and bleached
    periodically in between.

  9. Charles mentions that in his book. He said the roots can reach as far as 10
    to 12 feet from the plant, meaning they would form at least a 24 foot
    diameter circle.

  10. You should buy Charles’ book _How To Grow World Record Tomatoes._ He
    discusses the problem with tap and well water. (If you are trying for a
    world record) Rain water is best, also creek, river, pond, or similar,
    un-chlorinated water.

  11. BackToConstitution Reply December 13, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    No, he has a right to life

  12. hey thanks for the tips.

  13. 9 Secrets you didn’t know before, on How to Grow Great Tomato Plants:
    growtomatoestips. com

  14. BackToConstitution Reply December 13, 2013 at 9:31 pm


  15. mhpgardener on Youtube has a video of hit tomato tree in his hoop house. It
    goes to the top and spreads sideways. i think his was Big Beef.

  16. Thanks for another great video. I’m doing my second garden with 60 plants
    now. I was going for 100 but because of space problems I gave away 40. At 2
    months from seed I have over 300 tomatoes growing. I’m also growing cukes,
    peas, beans, cauliflower, red,green and hot peppers.

  17. What is the secret to watering a 20 feet tomato plant? How often? How much

  18. I thought so too, but you are the first to comment in almost 300 video views

  19. They are vines and the fruit is widely believed to be a vegetable, even
    though it’s in the berry family A seed worth less than a penny can grow
    10,000% in value in a single month, when it germinates and is 4 inches
    tall, about 10 cm and it’s worth $1 or more This is magic, for even
    Bitcoins don’t grow that fast in value

  20. I have a tomato plant now and it’s only about 4 feet high, so I don’t know

  21. I wish I was you! I have a gofer species here who eats everything I plant,
    as a seedling sprout! Yesterday, I bought 20 lbs of feed for this guy and
    I”m hoping to make him so fat that he can’t walk to steal my crops! Ha! Ha!