How to Improve Your Self Watering Vegetable Container Garden

Excellent improvement to self watering container buckets like Earthboxes(tm). You can buy the timer in this video here:…
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  1. I have been using this new aeroponic mister it is an air pump only system!
    Works great for cloning and it is easy to use!

  2. Nice Weed plant?

  3. Hey Zavatari, agreed! I have seen his videos..the float valves are cool but they add another level of complexity for little to no gain in performance. FWIS its been a year since I got these buckets going and they have never clogged. Also, I don’t see how they could clog since they are inserted directly into the bottom bucket…there really is nothing to clog them. The only “change” I have made is to add clothes pins to hold the feeder tubes in place so they don’t fly out when the water goes on.

  4. Thanks for your great idea for easily filling bottom watered containers. I also use bottom watered containers. LDSprepper has a number of videos on gravity feeding bottom watered containers from the bottom using a float valve for control. I have discovered that for my situation I need float valves that have a greater flow rate and I can’t find them online. One problem with your method is that the fill tube gets clogged at the bottom to the point that most of your input water overflows.

  5. An 11 dollar float will take care of automatically filling the reservoir.Hooked to a hose you have a self filling,no electricity required self watering system

  6. No rocks. Just the gardening mix in the top bucket and water in the bottom.

  7. Do you have Rocks at the bottom of the buckets? Great setup!

  8. Thanks for the comment. Great concept. BUT…. even though their idea eliminates the need to constantly fill individual buckets, you still need a reservoir which needs to be topped off regularly instead. My method eliminates the need for a reservoir so all the topping off is done automatically. I have it set to turn on for 1 minute every 4 days which keeps the dozen or so buckets I have amply filled and I have had had to do zero watering or topping off anything over the last year.

  9. you should watch global buckets on youtube, you can use their automatic siphon system to water your plants.