How to make Keyhole Vegetable Beds / Permaculture Design

WEBSITE: In this video you will learn how to make your own keyhole vegetable bed. A Permaculture design idea to help make your…
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  1. I’m going to make some of these with my own take on it:D

  2. sounds great . thanks , was thinking of using this type of plan. Though I
    thought at first you were going to use the open part in the keyhole for
    your compost area to feed the bed with. so it was interesting to see it use
    as an access area instead. : )

  3. That’s a good point. The drainage though is quite good as we did a double
    dig bed and it does not rain so much in Switzerland as here in Ireland. But
    it is those things that one can forget if one is not careful. Thanks for
    letting us know ;) David.

  4. That looks great David, what did you use to do the weaving? Gary

  5. They only way I could describe it to you is maybe using basketry weaving
    methods. That should do the trick. Hope that helped you Jeremy. There is
    really no more to it than that. You just got to make sure that the weaver
    on top is placed in revers to the one below it on the uprights in the
    ground. I would say just play with it for a wile and you get good at it
    very fast. Hope that helped. David. .

  6. Hey Dave, your traveling again.

  7. Awesome idea, I’ll definitely be doing this in the fall, I’ve and some
    trouble with compaction and flooding in the past. I’m sure the keyhole will
    act as a swale, and minimize irrigation… although I mulch heavily and
    hardly ever irrigate as it is. Thanks for posting!

  8. Great looking job there David… Love the weaving..

  9. The Productive Garden Reply December 30, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    It looks like a great garden, a cool design.

  10. Excellent video, thanks!

  11. Hi Just wanted to know wouldnt rains wash away the soil between the gaps of
    the post instead if u could have kept bricks at the edge and in the path of
    the key hole then u can even walk over it without geeting soil all over
    your shoes. Great work

  12. I used just bits of a hedge that was cut. It was long box weavers. Thanks

  13. Thanks David, I think I get the basics I will experiment and see what I can
    do! I am very impressed with the method, thanks for sharing it.

  14. Hi David, really interested in the style of wall you used here and had a
    lot of trouble googling fence weaving for instructions.I am very interested
    in this method, is there a special name or search term you recommend using
    to find more information on how to do it?

  15. Plz make an update as the garden grow.

  16. Cool … never seen it. Next season maybe :-)

  17. Brilliant

  18. That looks great! I love the natural fencing

  19. cool but what about when theres a heavy rain….this keyhole is probably
    full of water

  20. Looks pretty optimal as far as footprint for things such as herb and cut
    flower gardens. Nice!