How To Plant a Garden using Techniques

This video describes the different techniques that can be used to plant a garden while saving space. Strait Row Furrows, Wide band rows, Vertical gardening, Hill planting and Square Foot gardening. I also discuss Mulching and the ways to deter deer in the garden without breaking the bank… I also give a very good tip on what I learned this year about using colored tape in the garden…
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11 Responses to “How To Plant a Garden using Techniques”

  1. I wanna’ plow your garden!

  2. Cool video makes me miss Georgia I cant hear the cicadas must be wrong time of year how do you keep the fire ants out of the garden

  3. what part of Branches do you pick off the tomatoes?

  4. rabbits got every single last bit of my green beans, deer got all my peppers and blite got my tomatoes… everything else is doing great.

  5. cool video, thanks for sharing

  6. mermaidmorrigan Reply May 14, 2012 at 1:33 am

    you’re my favorite magick gardener!

  7. Nice job Melissa! – Mark

  8. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the information! I think we got our Tomato plants to close together, I will space them out further next time.

  10. Very good. Than you!

  11. good information. How big is your garden this year?