How to plant a rose garden

Roses are often overlooked as a landscape plant by today’s new gardeners. Why? They probably have the mistaken belief that they’re hard-work and high-mainten…
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  1. Thanks for this. Roses are my favorite flower but hard to maintain. Mine
    never seem to prosper don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

  2. Hi Ruapraia, I may see about a video, leave that with me. My FaceBook page
    is all public so you can look without having to sign-up. And thanks for the
    kind words. I’m glad you enjoy my channel, I have fun making my little vids :)

  3. Oh, I’m so happy to hear the roses are doing fine, and i can’t wait to see
    the pic when you post them, I’m not on facebook, so i”m hoping you will
    make a video as well (smile) anyway thank you for responding, i adore your

  4. Hi Pratik, 4 to 5 hours in winter should be okay. It’s the sun across the
    warmer months that’s more important. You want at least 5 to 6 hours of sun
    in the warmer months. And thanks for your generous praise :)

  5. too much fertilizer for its first year

  6. Well spotted chatbud! Yes it is :)

  7. Hell, roses are easier to grow than hostas or anything else for me. All I
    do is deadhead(don’t need to) and prune a few times(also don’t really need
    to). After that, they are literally maintenance free and do their own thing
    and oh yea….bloom all year long with big colorful blooms that are usually
    fragrant…what’s not to love?

  8. Oh and by the way…there are THOUSANDS(literally) of other roses that are
    hardy and beautiful BESIDES just knockout roses. Experiment and you will be
    rewarded. Look at Buck, Canadian Explorer, Kordes, and even Antique roses
    for disease resistance and hardiness. Even modern HTs, floribundas, and
    grandifloras are typically easy to care for.

  9. I love roses!

  10. Amazing video, so accessible. I’ve never planted anything in my life but
    I’m obsessed with roses and want to start my own tiny rose bed in front
    garden. This has come in handy for my research. Thanks!

  11. Hi Ruapraia, thanks for the feedback. I won’t show you my roses now as it’s
    mid-winter here & I’ve just pruned them back. The bed has been very
    successful, I actually had to move the Flower Carpet roses as they turned
    out to be too vigorous for the size of the bed. I promise you I’ll post
    some photos on my FaceBook page once the roses kick back in again in spring :)

  12. I’ll be making a vid on pruning these roses soon gabrielgutierrez8282 so
    stay tuned :)

  13. Thanks for the comment Todd, let me know how you go!

  14. our climbing roses do put on a good display but only for about 2 months
    (uk) if cut back after flowering. my mums old ones in the ground have their
    own bed and enough space and are still just a mess; stickey, bare, just a
    few weeks of flowers and not worth the space. i dont know if theyre just
    old or and bad variety but i never see any good specimens anywhere around
    where i live.

  15. a bunch of ugly woody thorny sticks most of the year

  16. Thanks for the great feedback Ross! I try to keep it real & in my book if
    it’s not do-able then I’m wasting peoples valueable time. Let me know how
    you go with your roses!

  17. No problems Ned. If you have the right spot & the right rose they can be
    quite easy-care. The main problem most people have is they position them
    where they do not get enough sunlight, they need at least 5 to 6 hours a
    day of summer sun. Then it’s critical to pick a variety that works for your
    area so for example I had to make sure I used varieties that can tolerate
    humidity. Maybe talk to a horticulturist at your local nursery Ned & see if
    they can help.

  18. Rose dont really grow too reliably from cuttings unless they are the very
    old hardy original varieties. You really need to graft them onto quality
    root or understock. A bit of a complicated process but quite doable with
    practice. Have a search on the web for ‘rose grafting’ Nikhil Manudhane &
    see what you think.

  19. Super-Informative video! This gave me the confidence I needed to finally
    try roses for the first time. Great job on everything Adam (even the music
    was nice)! Over the years I have seen a silly tale repeated in magazines &
    on the internet about a magical (lol) $5,000.00 rose that can be grown if
    you can find the starters. Maybe that’s all just some pot of gold at the
    end of the rainbow story? Even if it’s true I would grow just one and
    charge only a smile to sniff it. 8)

  20. Hi Liberto, well you need to apply all the standard rules of care for roses
    - make sure it gets at least 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight a day; don’t
    over water or under water, personally I don’t like saucers under potted
    roses unless the weather is very hot; prune it during flowering by removing
    all of the flowers as they finish and then mid summer prune it hard, cut it
    backby 1/2 or more. Apart from that make sure you fertilise it regularly
    with a suitable rose food & watch out for bugs!

  21. Is that a rosemary bush? it’s beautiful!

  22. Gee that’s a bit harsh Tim :) Well cared for roses should look good for
    well over 9 months of the year. This year the ones I planted in this video
    started blooming in late winter (august) & kept going until around a month
    ago (early june) That whole time the’ve also been big & bushy, barely a
    thorny stick in sight :)

  23. Hi Adam, am from Chicago. I bought a knock out rose and re-planted it to
    another (bigger) pot. How can I be able to maintain it that it will come
    back next year?

  24. Hello Adam! Greetings from Georgia..USA. I just purchased 10 rose bushes
    and was wondering will they bloom this year?

  25. gabrielgutierrez8282 Reply December 3, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    Like I wanna see.the garden now