How to Plant a Three Sisters Garden

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25 Responses to “How to Plant a Three Sisters Garden”

  1. This is not a traditional Three Sisters garden. The entire technique is
    wrong. It looks to me like you simply took the basic concept and applied it
    using conventional gardening methods. The traditional planting techniques
    are as important to the process as the plants chosen.

  2. Great!!!

  3. IT was cute how your little helper wanted some camera time! Chuck

  4. Hello! Thank you! That’s a huge garden you have, very nice! I’m sure you’re
    okay…it’s a learning experience for us all :) Thanks for watching and
    happy gardening! Misilla

  5. shadowofjuniperhill . Reply June 3, 2014 at 3:02 am

    Great! I look forward to seeing it as it grows. The glass gem corn is a
    beautiful variety.

  6. love this 3 sisters work great, did it the first year i gardened, i used
    blood butcher corn

  7. It’s a vine so I think it would be okay…this is the first time I’m doing
    this so we will both learn from it :-) Thanks for watching!

  8. Nice, I hope ours do well too :-) Thank you!

  9. Yes i think you can.

  10. wow this is great!

  11. Yes he loves making cameos :-) Thanks Chuck!

  12. Rainbow Gardens Reply June 3, 2014 at 6:06 am


  13. goforgreenliving Reply June 3, 2014 at 7:02 am

    Very nice corn patch, We are trying the three sisters this year too. We
    might have made a mistake we planted all of them at the same time nice 100
    foot by 20 ft patch.

  14. Just saw them! Wow they look wonderful! Mine are just sprouting lol :)

  15. Thanks :-)

  16. Thank you! Wish me luck..hope they do well :-)

  17. Glad you found it helpful! I just uploaded an update on them today :)
    Thanks for watching! Misilla

  18. Would Cucumbers work instead of squash?

  19. Would love to see the corn, how are they doing on containers?

  20. Me too…hope they do well :-) Thanks!

  21. Thank you! :)

  22. Hi Sumi! Great to hear from you! Your garden and veggies are beautiful! Yes
    you can definitely add the beans! The squash shades the soil keeping it
    moist and smothers weeds! Thank you :-)

  23. Misilla i have corn growing in containers. Do you think i can add a few
    bean plants in there now or would that be counter productive. I understand
    the Beans are the Nitrogen fixers which should aid the corn. What does the
    Squash do in the 3 sisters garden? How does it complement the other 2
    plants? Great video loved the new rocks for the border very nice.

  24. OneYardRevolution Reply June 3, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    Excellent video! I’m going to have to try this next year.

  25. just posted a pic on fb . Getting big!