How to Plant Garlic in Fall Garden

I am planting garlic out in the garden for a early summer harvest next year…..
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  1. I just pulled up a few onion bulbs that I planted two years ago. They always maintained the green tops, but when I pulled them up, the bulbs were the same size as what I planted. Maybe I’d have better luck with garlic? But, even in the greenhouse, it gets cold enough to freeze the ground solid (like -5) I wonder if I could mulch enough to over-come that?

  2. if you dont have a source for manue whats a good brand to get?

  3. I don’t think you are in trouble….Garlic comes up pretty quick and will grow all winter….If you live in a colder climate it would be recommended that you mulch it pretty good….It keep the soil moist and warmer……Thanks for watching….

  4. Hey, love your videos! I planted my garlic before watching you video. My garlic has come up. I saw another video that says don’t let the garlic come up. Am I in trouble?

  5. Thanks Bobby…..Yes the soil tester works hard……but does get on my nerves a time or two…..Woody likes to fertilize spots he finds not so good…..;-)

  6. Thanks……:-)

  7. …and now I know how to plant Garlic. Great video. Cheers mate GL & HH Ian

  8. I see your soil tester is still running around, LOL … I like the way you planted. Took your time and did the little things to give the garlic as good a chance to grow as possible. I’m gonna go out on a limb and forecast a real nice crop of garlic next year. :-)

  9. We have a couple of cold snaps a winter…..Some winters we will have a couple of days in a row below freezing but rarely does our ground freeze…..

  10. Didn’t think it got that cold in Texas… never have planted garlic and it’s probably too late now in Massachusetts – maybe next year…

  11. Thanks Tim! I’ve been wondering the best way to plant garlic. Love the videos… Keep up the great work.

  12. Oh goodie!!! I might actually be successful at it, then. I live in Georgia, so our planting regimen should be the same, I would think.

  13. Thanks…..and LOL…..That would be Woody…..He is my warrior ninja cat…..He is always “helping” me in the garden…..:-)

  14. thumb up! for the great post..
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  15. I mulch just to protect the soil from the winter elements and to suppress weeds….garlic doesn’t like to compete with weeds too much…..I added wood ashes to this spot in the spring so potash level should be good…..we will see….:-)

  16. Thanks for watching and stopping by…..

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  18. Thanks…..I have always wanted to visit Nova Scotia for some reason…..Just not sure if I could stand the cold weather you guys get in the winter……:-)…..

  19. I will do some videos of some of the concoctions I come up with……Thanks for stopping by….

  20. Thanks Sonoman1976…..:-)

  21. Thanks for watching……Garlic is great and easy to grow….:-)

  22. Thanks…..Garlic is one of the easiest things to grow…..

  23. Thank you so much for sharing this information. Would really like to do this. Very nice video.

  24. Thank y’all so much for sharing and teaching us. I have never planted garlic, but thanks to y’all, I am gonna plant me some garlic:) God Bless !

  25. Nice video Tim! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.