How to Prep Tomato Seeds for Germination

This is an excerpt from forthcoming DVD ‘Perpetual Harvest’. Learn how to gather seeds from this year’s tomato harvest…

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  1. @samljer you could atleast have some respect to someone who’s probably
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  2. @samljer I don’t get people that find joy in being rude to someone who is
    only trying to help you. Obviously you came to this video for a reason, and
    I’m sure I don’t have to point out that the reason was more than likely the
    fact that you had no idea how to save your seeds, and now you know of a way
    to do so. So if anything, you could have said “thank you” or nothing at
    all, and left your smart-ass remark to yourself.

  3. Wow sorry people are rude to you!

  4. @rikray1 When SHTF and stores run out of seeds and produce, it is good to
    know this kind of stuff.

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  6. CountryLivingMills Reply August 20, 2014 at 12:52 am

    Thanks for the info! It’s always good to learn something new.

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  8. Geez…..all these methods seem like such a pain in the butt. I think I’ll
    just keep on going to my local outdoor supply store and buy the seeds for

  9. @ItsDisEasy I can live with that. Especially since your just some bitch
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  10. No dark secret. 2ND part. Scarification is unnecessary for tomato seeds.
    Put dis-infected seeds on a paper towell, fold tight and dry for a week.
    They’ll be ready to plant then. They’ll keep for at least a year. Try it.
    It works every time ! Stick’em in the fridge in a jar with the bone-dry
    paper towell and they’ll last 2 years at least. Pepper seeds , the same
    process. Happy gardening ! BTW, hybrid seeds will sprout but will be
    different than the parent plant.

  11. P.S. That tomato I saved the seeds from in the napkin was non gmo non
    pesticide from a local farmer so the plants have grown well. Being in
    Hawaii on the wet side of island helps also

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  16. @VeritasSB I been to a lot of videos, this one was trash, dont kid
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  17. Thanks, now we know a method that works. I am a new gardener my lazy guy
    method. 1) Eat great tasting tomato at kitchen table 2) Squeze some seeds
    onto a paper napkin 3) Forget about napkin until some future time 4)
    Remember napkin with dried seeds stuck to it. 5) Rip napkin into small
    pieces with several seeds on each piece 6) Place pieces in jiffy pots and
    water 7) Forget jiffy pots and when you remember you will have tomato
    plants to transplant Tomatoes are like weeds they grow themselves

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  21. i luv your video PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!

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  23. iCanHazTwentyLetters Reply August 20, 2014 at 6:31 am

    @CountryLivingMills This video is awesome!

  24. @ItsDisEasy POE TAH TOEZ

  25. I completely disagree with this overly complicated method. I’ve been saving
    tomato seeds for decades. For small quantities, nothing beats individual
    attention. The parent tomato must be ripe. Hand-pick out seeds and wipe
    each with a finger on a dry sheet of paper to remove the “skin”. Collect
    all your seeds this way and then put them in a jar with warm water with a
    few drops of chlorine bleach to kill any diseases that the parent plant
    might have had. This step is important. See next