How to Prepare Raised Beds for Growing Vegetables

Today you will learn how you can improve your soil in the Autumn for growing nutritious vegetables in Spring. Watch the whole video to get every bit of detai…

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  1. But be careful with weeds that already have seeds. If you throw them on the
    compost their seeds will come back to your garden, too. That’s also part of
    the cycle. Greetings from Germany :) 

  2. Thanks for the reply Huw. I had contemplated these high pitched sound
    emitters but wondered if it would scare other wildlife away too.
    The other question I had was, do you keep honey bees to help you pollinate
    your plants or do you plant your borders with plants that attract the local
    insect population?

  3. HNY Huw. Been a subscriber for a while & enjoy the videos. I am planning my
    own garden but have moles in my soil. How can I prepare a raised bed that
    is mole proof as I don’t want to exterminate the moles?looking forward to
    any information you can share.
    Keep the videos coming ;-) 

  4. Hello Hew. Nice uncomplicated video, easily understood and well presented.
    I find the best compost is always at the bottom of the pile and the best
    soil is the soil that the compost sit’s on. So what I do, I layer my green
    grass and chopped brown leaves on top of my empty vegetable beds covered
    with a tarp. It’s only a few inches deep so removing the tarp and turning
    the mix is easy the worms and the bacteria do the rest. I also like to use
    seaweed in the mix. There are no prizes for how many different different
    things you add, keep it simple and don’t get too hung up on ratios. See my

  5. I saw the video on the border plants. It was great, but wondered what
    experience you have with honey bees. I am in the preliminary stages of
    planning a large vegetable& fruit garden. Your videos have provided clear
    and useful information and are for me top notch entertainment. Thank you
    and keep them coming. Maybe when I begin you can do a video at my garden :-) 

  6. Thanks Huw, we’ve just started to build our first raised beds and were
    hoping to plant something, but all our searches advise a short time away
    for winter preparations !!

  7. You’re very expert about gardening sir, thanks for sharing with us

  8. Theerasak Musigawan Reply February 23, 2015 at 3:01 am

    How to Prepare Raised Beds for Growing Vegetables:

  9. I like the practice of composting weeds. It takes an unwanted item and
    turns it into something useful to put back in the garden. :) 

  10. “Ddim probs!” haha great video.

  11. Great video: Yes, you too can easily grow the freshest vegetables and herbs
    in the convenience of your own home:

  12. StrawberryCorpseLTD Reply February 23, 2015 at 5:59 am

    you are just the cutest! thanks

  13. And when the plastic is lifted in the Spring, I bet there is nice, warm,
    rich soil for the planting. Brilliant, thank you!

  14. great video! I grow spinach in containers check it out!

  15. Foothills Readiness Reply February 23, 2015 at 7:48 am

    Are raised beds the preferred method of gardening in your country. Another
    question of mine is: What is the warmest it gets there? What country are
    you in?

  16. the heat will kill the living organism in the soil…

  17. Gr8 vid Huw Following you now on FB and have shared with my hort students 

  18. Agrosuede Backyard Gardening Reply February 23, 2015 at 9:12 am

    I know a few farmers who wish these were the ONLY weeds in their garden, so
    easy to remove.

  19. Gardening in Norway Reply February 23, 2015 at 9:31 am

    Nice episode!
    Made me smile when you presented your “stunt stand in”!. :)
    Black plastic is splendid stuff. I use it a lot, and it really helps for
    many things.

    Best wishes,

  20. Great video. It is very helpful. Do you ever just dump leaves all over
    your beds and let them compost there?

  21. Very nice. Please stunt Dad no talking please ;-) Dave

  22. Good methods. Thank for sharing them.

  23. top tips, thanks 

  24. you are nice to let your dad help. You have very nice raised beds. I am
    still working on mine. I am debating digging out the dirt where the new
    gardens are going to go, burn the weeds with a weed torch instead of
    putting down plastic under them. That way the worms can come up and work on
    the mulch. I will have to really stay on the Bermuda grass there tho;
    thanks for your videos

  25. So fun