How to Prevent a Neighbor From Stealing Plants from Your Vegetable Garden and other Q&A

John from answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode, John will answer the following questions: 1. Have You …

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend Seed Savers Exchange. Unfortunately, they were bought out by Monsanto.

  2. Hi chuchuwhy. Have you see Willem van Cottem’s bottle towers? They use soil, no pumps or other extras. Simple as they come. Search Youtube for “Building a bottle tower for container gardening.” [If you have clean water, you can skip the sand... you'll see what I mean when you watch it.]

  3. John has a video on seed catalogues. Do a search for “growing your greens best seed catalogs” and you’ll find it. If you’re outside the US, some of them won’t send to you. Baker Street Seeds (rareseeds*com does).

  4. You might google for “seed savers exchange” or “trade seeds” in your area.

  5. What kind of greenhouse is this John? I am very interested in one for our darn here in Hawaii! :) 

  6. “rother”

  7. Love the haircut! :D 

  8. All vegan nutso?

  9. Fuck sake thought this was about growing weed, still good to grow veg yourself.

  10. Luv what ur doing..But how offten should i give my garden azomite.

  11. looking for someone who might want bto trade some hot pepper seeds, I have the Manzano Pepper, Habanero and Cherry pPepper seeds also looking for kale here in san diego area cant find any at the farmers markets, home depot or wallmart any suggestions??? also looking for anyone willing to trade any seeds if possible thanks…

  12. Loved your “neighborly” approach for this. You’re a cutie, thanks for the videos!

  13. I would put a camera or a fake focused on the garden and tell the neighbor I’m documenting the process for a video. No one wants to be on vid red handed.

  14. Apache foot hole will stop the looter

  15. Hi John, I have all kinds of stuff growing in my yard, dandelions, little flowers and what they call wild strawberries. Is it okay to use all the little stuff in your grass clippings in your yard for compost? I don’t have a all grass yard lol I have all kinds of different stuff growing in my yard and not sure if anything would be bad. Don’t want to poison the compost in any way. Thanks for your time. love the vids. I have learned so much from you. Keep up the awesome work.

  16. I have seen so many videos from you, I Love your topics and way of being. Im going to do the bottle tower planting.
    Thank you for sych great chanel :)

  17. Douglas Christie Reply June 18, 2013 at 9:57 am

    love your q&a’s

  18. cracklingcornbread Reply June 18, 2013 at 10:39 am

    About the lawn clippings with chemical ferts, Make sure they do not use a weed killer. The weed killers like Weed and Feed are designed to kill broad leaf plants. Which mean they kill anything that is not a GRASS

  19. I have stinging nettle.Hurts for hours after you touch it.

  20. i give my neighbor plants all the time!!!! and strawberries to !

  21. …..

  22. Do what now??

  23. My neighbour is mean! But his advice is great and definitely appreciated! Thanks John!

  24. Wow your a mean neighbor?lol. around here we shoot thieves and trespassers. Now with a neighbor i would probley use salt shot, a painful deterrent but not fatal. Or maybe a big guard dog.

  25. stinging nettles…diabolic, john..diabolic