How to Quickly & Easily Build Raised Bed Garden Frames

Raised bed gardens provide you with a way to create structure in your garden and maximize your garden planting space. This video will show you how to quickly…
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  1. Gary, how many indeterminate tomato plants would you put into such 4×8 box? You said you recommend 2′x2′ areas for a tomato, so is it 4×8 box for up to 16 tomato plants?

  2. Thanks Reaganite71, it was my concern too. So, Yellow Wood is safe. Great.

  3. Such a great and detailed video. I think I’m going to try it next season. (This year is my first in growing tomatoes here, in Silver Spring, MD. We’re using Earth Box and Grow Box containers.)

  4. I go for the copper treated. Also stores that WONT cut treated lumber usually have that policy because of arsenic. Or at least years ago. Copper treated is good to go and they will cut it to form at Home Depot. I am going to look at my local Loews and see what they use.

  5. Lowe’s uses treating process call ACQ which is bad for plants. Home Depot uses the micronised copper process which is safe for planting in. ACQ is the process with arsenic.

  6. Well good luck getting outdoors. Thanks for subbing . If you have questions feel free to ask.

  7. I’ve normally done indoor container gardening..but I’m venturing outdoors this season..but my area is 6′ x maybe 3′ awkward right O.o anywho..thank you for all your vids..great info! I’m a new subbie!

  8. About 7-10 years ago, pressure treated lumber had the arsenic process change. It was changed to copper. When this change occurred Home Depot began cutting pressure treated lumber indoors. because the toxicity was changed. They WOULD NOT cut arsenic treated lumber. So I agree with you… know how your would is treated.

  9. Regular Pressure treated is bad (arsenic). If you use “Yellow Wood” it’s rated as garden bed safe because it doesn’t use the old stuff.

  10. Appreciated. Thanks.

  11. Just now watched your G+ vid on building deep bed boxes. Great job.

  12. I would agree for the old way it was pressurized with arsenic. Now it is pressurized and they use copper.

  13. pressure treated lumber BAD! Use Cedar

  14. Thank you. Now is a great time to drop beds and be ready for spring.

  15. Same here:) I am building an area that I can keep my rabbit and chickens in with enough room to run around in so they do not poop all over my yard.

    Also adding about 6 – 8 raised beds as well:)

  16. Im redoing my whole yard over the fall. Should be fun…

  17. Good job bro!!

  18. I think I originally ordered them from Tomato Growers. But I do sell seeds at my blog I will have the bicolors for sale for 2013. I am seed collecting now!

  19. Thanks for the great video. I’ve been meaning to ask, where do you get your seeds? I’d love to start growing some of those yellow & orange tomatoes you grow, next year ofcourse.

  20. Tomatoes like feeling warm. Its not just the soil but also night temps that get them growing. I think in zone 8 the raised beds won’t matter much for tomatoes if it is 6 -12 inches sides. Especially if you are doing transplants.

  21. I’m in zone 8

  22. Ah cold frame is a great idea. I have time to make one. Or make a top for a raised bed.

  23. Nice, we just built a cat house from a series of rectangular frames stacked and screwed together, and it can double as a cold frame as well : )

  24. Awesome thanks for the great video!! Keep them coming. : )