How to Save Your Garden Seeds: Celery and Sorrel

John from shows you how he harvests his Red Venture Celery and Red Variegated Sorrel Seeds.
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  1. Wow John Thanks for educating all of us I would love to grow the Red variegated Sorrel. does anyone know where to get some seeds for them ??

  2. Carrie Geren Scoggins Reply November 3, 2013 at 6:43 am

    The red veined sorrel is perrenial in TN area as well, I think that we are zone 7, they grew well in full shade, and so the garden sorrel. I wandered if they would spread by root. They are far better than growing annual spinich or lettuce, it works in salads, yet it can also be cooked like spinich, yet it comes back every year as a perennial without replanting!

  3. John I went to a farmer’s Market and went into an international store. They sell all kinds of seeds for seasonings. Got me some celery seeds and going to try them out this year. They were cheaper there than in Walmart store. Like you said thing wont know what kind of celery it is til I get it grown. but that is ok. I’ll stil eat it. have a goodun

  4. I can not believe that this video doesn’t have more views! I have watched A LOT of your videos John, and this is one of the BEST. I hope the spring is keeping you busy, and Keep on growin’ (in OKC or wherever you are).

  5. I don’t know about the red celery, but I save a lot of the celery seed to use as a seasoning! I am not a big fan of the texture of celery, but I love the flavor so I can add the seeds to things and get the best of both worlds

  6. i want to buy seeds from you please let me buy your seeds

  7. Thank you so much John! New to gardening and was wondering how celery produced seed!  This is going to be so helpful!

  8. red adventure was grown from seed. I think I have seeded celery in the past. Imwalle in santa rosa recently had celery starts. I do not know about the quality. Celery has been a “tough” one to grow.. I would rather focus on greens, and I end up buying celery at this point.. its inexpensive compared to greens.

  9. way to go john!I like to save seeds

  10. way to go john!

  11. I want a yard like yours so bad!

  12. thanks!!