How to Start Seeds for a Vegetable Garden

I just wanted to share with you the method I use for planting seeds for my vegetable garden. I like to buy my seeds from the following online shops: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Seed Savers Exchange Seeds of Change I like to start off in 72-cell trays because we plant a lot of veggies in our large garden plot. I start off with some store-bought seed starting mix. Fill my trays or small pots. I lightly tamp down each cell and then make a small hole in the center of each cell with the back of a chopstick making sure to only go about 1/4″ -1/2″ deep. I place 1-2 seeds in each hole and lightly cover with soil again and tamp down lightly to ensure good soil to seed contact. Then water the seeds in and place in an empty and cool oven that is completely turned off. I leave it in there for a few days checking them daily to ensure they are staying moist to aid with the germination. When the seedlings start to creep out of the top of the soil I will move the trays outdoors to give them some natural sunlight. I place my trays in a little homemade hoop house to protect them from the rain but so they still get the sunlight during the day. I bring them indoors every night to make sure no animals munch on them and put them back out first thing in the morning. I hope you’ll consider planting some seeds this season whether it be in the ground or in pots. Growing your own delicious, nutritious and organic food is fun and healthy

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  1. Aww. Thanks so much! Glad to hear it! :o )

  2. VivaciousCreations Reply January 6, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    You are Amazing! I have been wanting to grow my own veggies and herbs for so long but felt so overwhelmed by the process. After watching your method, I am excited to give it a try! :D Thank you for sharing!

  3. No problem! Glad you enjoyed it. :o )

  4. Thanks for the video. Way cool. I am vegan and it is great to see someone who plants a vegetable garden of organic/non GMO seeds and where to get them. Your tricks are neat and I will try them next year for the few things I can grow here. I do not get much (good) sun in an apartment, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Thanks again!

  5. Love your channel!! Everyone ask how i learn certain things and i say YouTube lol!! Your channel is part of the reason i bought my sewing machine and soaping101 is a part of the reason i started making soap you guys are fabulous!!!

  6. Thanks! We love it! :o )

  7. Great video. The only thing I actually plant and grow is my super spicy peppers. I usually start mine in papertowels and ziplock bags and as soon as its sprouted, I transplant them into the soils. The only thing I’ve found is that my seeds never tend to like the high peat moss soil for whatever reason. Well I should say my peppers because maybe other seeds get along fine with it. Anyway nice video :)

  8. You rock! Sounds like you enjoy gardening…cool!

  9. Aww. Thanks! It is hard.. but I try to prioritize and just focus on doing what I can when I can. I get a lot of help from my husband but we stay VERY busy around here. Hope you can find some time for yourself with some crafts! :o )

  10. I’m getting so much inspiration from you .You ‘re multitalented Mother of two beautiful children.I ve always wanted to be a crafter but after having babies I just forgot what life is …got so busy in kids.You just kind of woke me up lol…Im so glad that I found your channel.God bless you and your beautiful happy family .Please do make videos how you manage everything with kids .It just seem so hard to me ;) <3

  11. I would do some research on organic amendments to add to your soil. You’ll probably need to add a lot of organic matter to t or even consider planting an easy to grow cover crop that can be tilled into the soil to add more nutrients. Good luck!

  12. Thanx for the vid,it help just starting to make my 1st live in hawaii and my soil is bad.what kind of pointers you can give a virgin vegetable garden grower? Im open to any feedback that will be helpful. Thank u!

  13. Thanks, Bruce! I absolutely do save my seeds. What I like to do is buy them from SSE and Baker Creek when around this time of year when they sell select varieties at 50% off because they are dated for the current year. I store them in gallon sized zip bags in my freezer and have had excellent germination rates the year after and I’m sure they will continue to be good for at least a few more years. Hope that helps!

  14. Love the video. You and I shop for seeds at the same places. Do you ever save seeds from your crops to grow the following year/season?

  15. Thanks Vanessa. I am new at this. I first started with plants, this past summer. Cukes were great, but my tomatoes took for ever! Beans were great too. You gave me courage to try seeds. Oh boy! :) lol

  16. Ok this had to be the most helpful step by step way to start seeds i have seen so far, and just simple and not complicated, glad i ran into this tube channel , good work really big help, im all the way in Honduras and about to start a garden for the first time and was lost lol, now i have to check out the rest of your videos,, is that boricua tatt i see on your arm

  17. I know this has nothing to do with planting seeds, but I love your hair! I have naturally curly hair that reaches the lowest part of my back when straight, but it always get poofy when curly. What do you use in your hair to keep it from being poofy?

  18. Thanks! :o )

  19. Loved this video! Thank you for sharing your techniques! I can’t wait to watch more and actually try my hand at gardening too!!

  20. Thanks so much, Rachael! Glad you enjoy my videos. :o )

  21. That was a video and a half, like we use to say in 60′s , loads of info, and editing was great, I understood from beginning to end. U R N awsome speaker in explaing details. I look at ur videos to enjoy & learn new ways of loving life, U are such a blessing, . Oh yes, I will be making MugRugs tomorrow, Lord willing . I do so much for others all my life that ,I don’t give myself time for “Me Time” when I look at ur videos,I relax, learn and share with other women of what I learned.

  22. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you found me. We started off in containers and had a lot of fun with it. Where do you live? It’s already too late for use to plant peppers but some varieties of tomatoes will grow here if they are protected during the colder nights this winter. I’m in Zone 8. I want to plant some blueberry trees as soon as I find some time. Keep up the great work. :o )

  23. I have been watching your sewing videos and LOVE them! I’m a relatively new gardener, so I was excited to find this video! You have some awesome talents. We only have clay where we live and have to do everything in raised beds, but it’s working out pretty well so far. I’m going to plant tomatoes and 3 or 4 kinds of peppers. Also zucchini and squash. We also have 6 blueberry and 5 blackberry plants. Looking forward to more of your videos!

  24. You can use the recycleable egg cartons.

  25. No problem. Thanks for watching!