How to Start Tomato Seed Germinate vegetable plant seeds grow garden tomatoes

Step by Step starting tomatoes and other vegetables from seed. Each year i fine tune the process and change a few things that i learn from trial and error. T…
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10 Responses to “How to Start Tomato Seed Germinate vegetable plant seeds grow garden tomatoes”

  1. OhHowHappyGardener Reply January 4, 2015 at 8:47 am

    Great video– liked how you used a wire cage to mark where to put your
    plants. The grow mix/soil in your raised bed looked really fine. Are you
    using any amendments? 

  2. GREAT ‘how to’ video. Your plants look very healthy. I especially like
    how organized, neat & tidy you are. I look forward to your updates.

  3. MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living Reply January 4, 2015 at 9:49 am

    Super thorough job! I absolutely love how your peppers looked. Very nice
    and healthy. I am about 3 weeks behind you. I won’t have my tomatoes in
    the ground for maybe 3-4 more weeks. I am however putting lettuce in my
    beds soon. Thanks for the wonderful episode and tell your cat he/she is

  4. Loved the sound of the chimes! Were the chimes added to your video or did
    you have them hanging around somewhere. 

  5. do you know what the 3/4″ orange pot kit was called/part number? Can’t seem
    to find it in store. All they have are the 72 cell seed propagation kits

  6. Another awesome video Bubble…gave me some great ideas for next year!

  7. Great video. Your voice sounds just like Woody Harrelsons.

  8. That’s a great system you have going there and you grew some very nice
    seedlings. Love the cat. 

  9. Out of all the YouTube gardeners that are on here I have to say you grow
    some of the nicest plants and have the best looking garden. I love the
    older vids can’t wait to see the progression videos this year.