How to start your vegetable seed indoors Part 2 of 2

Vegetable Garden How to start your vegetable seeds / plants indoors to beat the weather and save money. Visit The Bayou Gardener at

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  1. Thanks : ) …..Donald

  2. Thanks for all your helo. By the way, you have the BEST voice…

  3. Some folks put their trays on top of the frig but anywhere out of the weather is fine. As soon as they do come up give em plenty light……Donald

  4. Transplant em when all danger of frost has passed……..Donald

  5. and where should I put the tray after I plant the seeds, while I’m waiting for them to sprout?

  6. do you have a video about moving the plants to a garden outdoors? when do I move them outside?

  7. … You only need one to transplant…..Donald

  8. Is it bad that two are growing in the same spot?

  9. … You’re welcome…….Donald

  10. Great idea thx for sharing

  11. …You’re welcome…….Donald

  12. awesome! thanks heaps for this vid

  13. … Like I said in the video the reason I plant more than 1 seed per pot is to make sure I get at least 1 healthy plant. Some call it a waste of seed, I call it insurance……Donald

  14. It work but I did pull and discard the puny seedlings when he wasn’t looking. I am beginning to think my hubby is a seedling hoarder. LOL!! I got about 4 good strong stalks.

  15. Damn, why didn’t I think of that! OMG! there goes my painstaking headache, now to convince my hubby that he does not have to plant every seeding that comes up. Thankyou.

    I actually convinced him not to touch my cherry tomato pot, in which the discarded cherry tomatoes sprouted this year. He got all excited and wanted to separate them all to plant. LOL!! first we ain’t got the space or pots. Second there were like 30 freaking seedlings. As a joke and experiment, I told him to leave them alone,

  16. …Check out the video in my favorites on saving tomato seeds. This fellow does it right…….Donald

  17. Thanks for all the insight.
    New to gardening here and would like to ask you, can I take the seeds straight out of a tomato and plant them? Or is there an intermediate step?

    thank you

  18. @africangreygal …6-8 weeks before transplanting outdoors…….Donald

  19. …Time to plant em……Donald

  20. and when they became bigger than the styro box or pot……whats next? tnx for the brilliant ideas ur sharing!!

  21. …I lose track of my numbers so next vid it may become tool #18. lol……Donald

  22. “… tool #16.” hahaha You’re so funny AND informative. Seems like we’re’ right there with you! Thanks for the videos!

  23. …I try to have a few extra pots plnated when I start my seedlings. If I want 12 I’ll start 18…..Donald

  24. I realized I wanted a few more jalapeño plants so I pulled up a few of the extra seedlings while they were young and put them in their own pots. Seems to work. They only had their first pair of leaves though, so they were about 1-2 weeks old.

  25. … when it’s time to plant in your area, just remove most of the peat pot and plant……..Donald