How To Steam Vegetables Stupid Easy Healthy Cooking Show With Corrina Rachel

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25 Responses to “How To Steam Vegetables Stupid Easy Healthy Cooking Show With Corrina Rachel”

  1. STUPID EASY KITCHEN with #Nutritionist Corrina Rachel! :)
    SIMPLE STEAMED #veggies!

  2. Your better off eating a burger after all that butter

  3. Thanks Corrina. Easy way to steam in the oven :p

  4. Could you please use a wooden cutting board if you really wanted to promote
    healthy cooking? As this can give wrong idea for people to cut vegetables
    in their fibre/melamine plates and people will eat those tiny plastic dusts
    as well, which I assume is cancerous.

  5. I liked this video, but I always chuckle at these vids when they claim to
    be healthy options and finish by throwing in a little bit of butter at the
    end. One small remark is that, I have the same container that you used in
    this video at home and broculi took about 3minutes at full power in a
    microwaves to get to cook to a decent texture.

  6. Looked yummy Corrina

  7. hahah god I love you!!! I like how you understand how annoying it is to cut
    broccoli and vegetables and found a way to make this easier. 

  8. Very helpful tips. Thanks!

  9. a potato is not a vegetable its a startch

  10. ahhh! that knife grinding against the plate sounds like nails on a chaulk
    board :/ “gas fed cows ” hehee !

  11. I loved it!
    I really don’t know how to cook.
    You spoke to me! ♡♡♡♡♡

  12. Here’s some tasty healthy steamed vegetables, now lets add lard and
    unneeded sodium to it! GREAT! I rather get my source of iodine another way.

  13. I started a new shift at work, Graveyard 9 pm to 7:30 am. It is really
    difficult to eat healthy since mostly fast food restaurants are open. I’ll
    give this a shot, thanks for the info. I’ll pre prep the veggies at home
    and use the toaster oven at work :) 

  14. Corinna you are so sweet. Maybe one day I will actually play back this
    video with the sound turned on.

  15. F.Y.I., average steaming time for veg using a plastic steamer in a
    microwave oven is 5 minutes (depending on veg and size of pieces).

  16. I tried this today for lunch. Loved it so much.Thanks a lot for inducing me
    to healthy eating.Love from India.

  17. Steamed sweet potatoes are the best!!

  18. I love Corrina’s videos as well as videos by others at Psychetruth. 

  19. Stupid Easy Amazing French toast, I have a great, great recipe; use 3 or 4
    cage free eggs,for batter add 1 tbs. ground flax seeds 1/2 tsp turmeric, in
    with cinnamon 1 tbp. maple syrup, wisk dip Ezekiel bread ( Best bread
    ever!) put in 350 degree rice bran oil based pan 10 minutes each side, or
    until brown. Top with your favorite fruits and berries and a little yogurt,
    and a little butter and a little more maple syrup. MMMMmmmmmmm good! I eat
    it almost everyday, Enjoy and God Bless you Keep up the good work!

  20. Buy a big cutting board, big enough to cover the sink, and put it over the
    sink. It will give you a lot more work space.

  21. Take a dish that size, add a handful of al dente pasta, then layer a
    couple of sun dried tomatoes, now layer again with uncooked spinach,
    smother with tomato sauce and pop in the oven until bubbly. Its nirvana!

  22. Using a gas stove at highest temp, but hardly see any steam come out of it
    when steaming vegetables, why? What level of water in pot is best to
    create most steam? 1 inch? 2 inches, or water just under the steaming

  23. If using a conventional oven. What temp do I use?

  24. microwaving vegetables reduces their nutrients by 96 percent, so it defeats
    the whole purpose of steaming vegetables, which is to preserve their