How to Use Raised Beds in Your Garden

There are plenty of things to consider when planning raised beds – location, materials, cost, soil, drainage and how long they will last. In this video, we e…
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  1. Bricks Last 100 years plus

  2. Hi Lisa! It all depends on how thick the old timber is and how long it has been outside already. It’s great to use recycled wood where possible but very weathered wood that is quite thin may only last a couple of seasons before you have to rebuild the raised beds, so it’s a question of your time. Just avoid any wood from sources which may have been treated with insecticides (for pallets look for the Heat Treated HT stamp).

  3. Very helpful and clear video, thank you! What would you say about using recycled timber? I have lots of lengths of old timber, but it is probably untreated pine. Will this just rot away too quickly?

  4. I just put my raised beds straight onto grass but if you wan’t to be doubly sure you can take off the grass first, or remove it and turn it upside down at the bottom before putting the soil mixture on top. 6 inches of soil/compost mix will kill grass.

  5. Thanks – what about when your putting a bed into a ‘lawned’ area. Any best practice to prevent the grass from encroaching from the sizes and under the planks? I am just moving a bed today and sure i’m not doing it in the best way… crossing fingers.

  6. Kate – you generally don’t need to ‘bed’ a raised bed. Just lay it on the ground (use posts at the corners which extend into the ground if you want extra rigidity but it’s not necessary) and fill with the soil/compost mix which will kill grass or anything else below it. If you have a problem with perennial weeds, moles, critters etc you can lay weed-suppressing fabric at the bottom first as long as it’s permeable to water.

  7. thanks great video. would have like to also know how to ‘bed’ a raised bad. Will have a search now for that answer.

  8. i was just looking at square dont gardening and started making my own last week with scaffold boards 8 ft lengths, 9 in high and 2 in thick, thanks for video

  9. Spot on. Good ideas!

  10. CherokeeArchetype Reply July 2, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Thanks for the great video! :)