How Tomatoes are Harvested

In this short movie, the process of harvesting tomatoes is taken to another level. In this exclusive video (brought to you by Cool Patch Pumpkins), the Coole…
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  1. what happens to the ones on the bottom, 25 tons, is there a way to keep em
    from getting squashed?

  2. John E. Bredehoft Reply May 31, 2014 at 10:29 pm

    *The Video that PETA Doesn’t Want You to See*

    Scythed, separated, thrown about – the reality of how sentient beings are
    treated. Watch this video before it is banned.

  3. This has been enlightening. 

  4. *mute*

  5. tomato’s trunks died

  6. Music is distracting

  7. @superwhiz88 yeah .. shit tomatoes are picked too early. fyi i have a local
    farm and supply pick your own and restaurants … hard tomatoes are bland,
    early, white flesh, and usually gmo seeds.

  8. Hi from Australia. Great job of explaining the process Thanks

  9. Gosh I love tomato harvesting season at the end of summer each year in
    Dixon, CA!!! Well, maybe not LOVE, but really Big LIKE!

  10. what kind of tomato variety is this.

  11. Vittorio Minari Reply June 1, 2014 at 3:38 am

    Hi, how could i visit a farm in California? I’ll go just for one day in
    central California. I’m a farmer and i grow tomatoes. I’d like very much
    visit just for few time something about agricolture not so far from San
    Francisco. Someone can help me? thank you. Vittorio

  12. These tomoatoes are tough!

  13. Nice, what tomatoes are they must be though cookies. Do the tomatoes grow
    without support? How do you sow them? Seed?

  14. Tomato view. Ha lol

  15. Cool video, Do your machines not have automatic sorters? We run a lot of
    CTMs like that where I work. Superwhiz88 these are processing tomatoes,
    they are for sauces, soups and juices not for the fresh market. Also there
    are no commercially grown GMO tomatoes, consumers will not accept them so
    farmers do not grow them.

  16. @Sensfan613 no they are hard as rock when they are harvest

  17. Tough camera, did that give you a MOT deduction?

  18. where can i buy the seeds.

  19. Wow.. These tomatoes took a fucking beating.. bashed up bruised tomatoes

  20. It’s surprising that the machinery loses so much product, are there no
    better harvesters?

  21. Tomato view, great idea. Amazing comments from people who do not know where
    there food comes from.

  22. @Sensfan613 Yep. That’s why heirlooms are the favorites of most anyone who
    can get one. But then, if my black from tula plants were put through that
    process, the only suitable destination for that truck would be a ketchup
    factory. Some tomatoes are grown for durability, others for taste.

  23. what machine is that