Hydroponic Broccoli

Growing Hydroponic Broccoli at home.
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  1. p.s

    how much would it cost in electricity to grow aa brocolli that size?

  2. i made an amazing soup yesterday.
    half a plastic bag of stinging nettle leaves and tops
    a bunch of brocolli leaves
    1 sweet potato
    1 carrot

    very nice, will be making it again hopefully.

    is this calabrese or a purple sprouting broccoli type because im going purple sprouting broccoli outdoors andhe plants have been growing for at least 4 months and they havent formed heads, ive started taking them out now as they are taking up a lot of room, any ideas when or if theyll form heads?

  3. I have a few broccoli plants going indoors and they are getting very tall but not blooming. Any ideas as to why this may occur? They have been growing for close to 3 months now.

  4. LED.

  5. you’re a moron just like invertedlow the hole point in doing this is to produce what you need on your own just grow up shit kid

  6. how are you this stupid you take 3 different things and try and relate them lol. the amount of people who can pull off what you talk about is limited. others are forced to do indoor because one they have no land to do it and because they live in areas where the season is not the best. and to run a greenhouse in the winter is triple the amount of money to do indoor. this is by far the least bit of the catastrophe. making your own power to turn on some lights and a fan is quite simple.

  7. LED lights consume very little electricity. Some people do not have the ability to grow anything outside.

  8. how dumb

  9. I’m glad you guys stated that. I’ve never grown broccoli before and was thinking 60 days for just one head of broccoli!!!

  10. dude i am a grower myself and if doesn’t matter what u grow, its fun to grow something, give him some props for growen that big ass broccoli

  11. nice grow

  12. I knew broccoli was a budding flower but it looks weird now

  13. growing indoors is stupid. thats why if he is going to grow indoors, grow weed.

  14. Here comes Broccoli man

  15. the idea with broccoli is not to cut the main stalk out. you have to cut the big flowerette off. Then it will keep growing more small ones around it for quite awhile.

  16. Very nice! I’m a poor farmer. (by that I mean: I farm poorly) I’m trying “Aquaponic” growing this year (I never had any urge for hydro…) the soil where I am (N. Florida) is nothing but sand – and it hates moisture. At the risk of soundling like a complete dork – there is nothing better than produce so fresh you know what time it was picked. Beautiful broccoli.

  17. Weed should be grown aeroponically outdoors. Weed prohibition is one of the biggest environmental catastrophies ever. Forcing it indoors under grow lights produces over 15 billion dollars annually for the gas, oil and coal companies generating the electricity. This produces trillions of tons of additional co2, rocketing mankind into extinction. Growing food indoors is just stupid. It’s 100 times less destructive and costly to fly it in first class from austrailia or china or even the south pole.

  18. If you cut just the head part off, the plant will produce more smaller heads, kinda like suckers on a tomato plant. They won’t be as big as the original head but you can get just about as much from a second crop of the smaller heads

  19. did the other two plants take off after taking out the big flower?

  20. did you have to use nutrients in the water? my broccoli is just now sprout from my seeds

  21. Oh man, why did you cut the whole plant out? All you have to do is cut off the flower head, and it will grow more.

  22. grow some good deed.

  23. They are UFOs, he said it well over 5 times throughout the video. Troll.

  24. Man, all that work for one single broccoli . . . You could have:
    A. forced flowering sooner to allow for a sea of broccoli green
    B. pruned those huge f’n fan leaves. Your working indoor. . . Plants will adapt to your environment.
    You should be in control, not your plants. Need a lot of work but congrats on your first indoor harvest.