Hydroponic Fun – Indoor Gardening – Ultimate Plant Cage Product Review

http://www.tomorrowsgarden.net/ Some projects that I never have shown and trying out a product called a Plant Cage. Rain Tower Home Page: http://www.tomorrow…

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  1. Thanks Brock! Sometimes I film stuff and never finish it so I forced myself
    to pull things together yesterday. Still have a few things to finish from 2
    years ago :(

  2. awesome, thank you.. gonna try the grow bags spring 2014

  3. Thanks for this wonderful video :o )

  4. Where do you get your 1 and 5 gallon grow bags from?

  5. Amazon. They’re pretty cheap. There’s a vendor on there that will sell them

  6. I love free stuff that is useful! :-) What area are you in this gardening
    world? Looking forward to updates Tim

  7. Austin Family Gardening Channel Reply April 28, 2014 at 12:11 am

    Great job on your video. LMAO – Dragon fly urine :-D Cool idea with your
    mini solar panel. I always love product reviews. Looks like you’re going to
    have an impressive indoor garden this year. Wheres the strawberries ?
    Looking forward to your winter updates. Larry

  8. I’ve been looking for a monkey ladder!! lol I really like the ending
    sleestak :) )

  9. I have gotten free stuff from that website before too, I love the plant
    clips quite a bit. I can’t wait to start doing a few hydroponic setups! you
    might get you mind picked on some designs!

  10. My father used to plant it everywhere he worked for the boilermakers to
    use.. Once spent a whole day with a slice in my glove due to someone not
    marking out a freshly cut piece of plate.. Better than any other burn cream
    I have used..

  11. I loved it from start to finish bro! specially the two week later shot :)
    The plant support is excellent! Brock

  12. The monkey ladder is going up on craigslist and after that it’s fire wood!
    Sometimes the ending is the best part! – Sleestak

  13. So we are basically in the same weather…I’m in upstate NY zone 5

  14. Thanks for the catch up :) Got to love how well aloe grows.. Great to see
    what others have on the go.. Made a quick trip over to the web site too,
    very nice :) Cheers..

  15. What material is the green support made of? I really like this idea and may
    try some variations.

  16. Thanks! Strawberries are still outside. I need to bring them in before it
    gets too too cold.

  17. Can’t argue with free :) – I’m in Northern IL.

  18. Yeah, that aloe took off this summer. I never grew it before and it spreads
    from the roots. We used it twice for burns this year. Works great.

  19. Austin Family Gardening Channel Reply April 28, 2014 at 5:00 am