Hydroponic Garden 1

Plants going in to the new homemade Hydroponic system. 55 spots for growing, 1 four bulb flourescent with 2 warm/ 2 cool white lights, since this video, I have added 2 incandescent lights on the sides. Post more videos later during the build and after.

3 Responses to “Hydroponic Garden 1”

  1. no marijuanaß???why?

  2. If you surround you’re growing table with panels and then of the inside of these panels put light reflective material your plants will grow much bigger.

  3. that is not enough light, and you want the 6500K and the 3000K, idk if they are called warm white and cool white, but the 6500 is very cool color, it has quite a bit of blue to it.
    the 3000k is known as the kitchen and bath light, its almost orange or red to look at.

    get more lights, MUCH closer to the plants and your results will skyrocket!