Hydroponic Garden @ the Pattaya Floating Market.

A tour of a very nice, Low maintenance hydroponic garden located at the Pattaya floating market. I have been there a few times over the last 2 years trying t…
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  1. Sorry maybe a stupid question, but they spray with chemicals or use chemicals for Hydroponic in Thailand? So with other words is it organic?

  2. Mircea Costiniuc Reply May 24, 2013 at 9:08 am

    Very interesting

  3. I prefer to stay on the good side of the law if I can, But I know where your coming from. The amount of money you could make in a place that size…..

  4. Very nice ! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. Thanks for watching.

  6. ALBINOSSUPERCLONES Reply May 24, 2013 at 11:49 am

    Very interesting and awesome video, great job friend.

  7. i’m pretty sure you got it right. In Thai it’s called phak boung ผักบุ้ง

  8. Interesting, It would be nice to get something right for a change….lol

  9. I think you’re right that it’s Morning Glory (phak boong) aka Water Spinach. I compared some images of it with what’s on the vid, and they look the same to me. The plants do produce bell-shaped Morning Glory flowers, but I think they’re usually harvested before they begin to flower.

  10. I like those little mom and pop neighborhood eat shops too. Nothing fancy but very sociable. The food tends to be good, quick, and cheap with generous portions. The pumps might not use much electricity, but they do have to have them running constantly to keep the nutrient solution circulating.. It looks like a pretty neat set up.

  11. Good point on the locals only restaurant, The kind of place I prefer, I don’t need to be stuck in the tourist trap that is most of Thailand. I don’t think the electric would be to bad, Those small pumps don’t use much.
    The floating market flooded the other day so all this might be gone now……

  12. I had to take another look at the vid. Evidently you thought it might be a little restaurant. The table have those napkin boxes on the tables, and it looks like there’s equipment in the background. Not sure what the neighborhood surroundings are like there, but there’s a lot of small out of the way spots all over the country that cater mostly to the locals. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty as well. I wonder what their electric bill is like?

  13. I don’t think so but I have never seen the place open so it might be. It is not in a very good location to get tourists, Very out of the way place.

  14. You’re right, it does look like it should be a name tag. Is that a closed eatery with the tables and chairs next to the greenhouse?

  15. Not sure what they are feeding them but what ever it is it sure works.

  16. Thanks, I thought it was the name tag for the plant…lol

  17. It is food but might not be morning glory, Please remember I have no idea what I am talking about most of the time….lol

  18. They grow almost as fast as in my hoop house lol. What you were calling morning glories is that some sort of food item it didn’t look like the flower morning glory which is a vine.

  19. The ones with the writing says “hawm jahp”, meaning :”Don’t Touch”, presumably out of concern that they might be easily damaged.

  20. Great looking set up…
    Thanks for sharing…
    Have a good one…

  21. Hmm, maybe the gardener only comes out at night. Those plants are jumping, really took off in a months time.