Hydroponics Garden Homemade System

A DIY Hydroponics System! Check This Out And Lots Of Other Cool Tips In My New Book, “The Hydroponics Garden – Growing Without Soil”. Thanks For Looking!

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  1. Let me just add to these comments that this concept really works, i have placed an aquarium heater in it ( kind of protruding at a corner so i could adjust it ) and i grew a sunflower seed in the pebbles but the plant did not survive the transplant to the ground :( also i changed the design a bit, i did not have the board floating on the water it was simply placed on top of the aquarium and taped around but the design presented here works very well.

  2. Awesome video on homemade hydroponics system! For a novice grower, it is important to start with a homemade system that he can easily maintain and adjust whenever necessary. Using homemade systems can also help beginners to become familiar on the basics of hydroponics growing, through that he can easily understand the technical details of highly-advanced hydroponics systems.

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  4. Thanks for posting this helpful video. What’s amazing about this is that anyone can actually build a hydroponics garden under $50! That’s really awesome because people often have this impression that it is very expensive to set up a hydroponics garden…The instructions were also very clear so building it is not as difficult as it seems. Thanks again :)

  5. SpinningBirdKick1 Reply May 6, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    haha this guys homemade hydro setup is one of the worst. i could have easily made a ten times better ebb and flow with some storage containers. And gravel and potted plants? really? I want to know how many plants lived.

  6. this works to grow weed?????

  7. hi great vid
    how much fertilizer we have to put in the water and how often?

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  9. Terrible video, bad setup anyway.

  10. i figured that those big plastic space savers from walmart or other places would work better. that and glass is just too heavy and risky

  11. I agree completely with you.. a bubbler using a rubbermaid is a better system…

  12. I don’t like it… the whole fish tank thing is a no-no to me.. sounds like a childs projoect

  13. How about a fancy hydroponic system?

  14. Music was at least not distracting and calm and allowed me to concentrate on the project. I liked the whole thing. Thank you.

  15. Yeah i agree with gizze……..good video but, shite music :D what did he wrap the roots of the plants with before mixing with the pebbles?

  16. and ppl think that EYE believe in conspiracy theories. lol.

  17. You could stay well within budget if you would have used a rubbermade type of tub and you would have a lid. Use foil or even just duct tape to block out the lights. There is no need to glue the tube and air stone as that just creates places that you can not clean algae if it grows.

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  19. desiredusername Reply May 7, 2012 at 6:00 am

    That’s cool, but why do you have “nft” in your tags when this isn’t nft?

  20. canadian growers are way the fuck better than american growers most of the weed from the states come from canada now. With trained monkeys hauling under the border thru undergound tunnels

  21. He should have grown weed.

  22. he should have used a darkgreen rubbermade tote bubblewand for hydro not cheap airstones for aquariums but ph aquarium balance solution some picnic cups dark color with white inside to obstruct light these are reasons for dark colors on cups and tote reservoir air tubing and pump put pumps higher than water the cheap clamp shop lights with compact flourescent he can use piss and shit for nutrient nahhh

  23. you didn’t add any solutions, and reason why or just a skipped step?

  24. really? tell me more

  25. Watch the Grow Dutch video, they learned how to grow from Americans.