Identifying Tomato Plant Diseases

Susie Anderson, of Johnny’s Selected Seeds, shows Dave how to identify some common tomato plant diseases.
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  1. Too much nitrogen in dark dirt from a barnyard…plants are well rooted. suggestions? . Also, does foliar feeding work for things such as Magnesium deficiency? If so, how soon before the plants will green up? some of my friends tomato leaves are pale and are freckled with tiny yellow dots. Keep gardening my friend!

  2. You really have a big mess with those plants of tomatoes. The color should be a dark green, more nutrient should be in the ground, the water should not go close to the plants, you should not use a sprinkle system, everything get wait, and cary disease. Ed

  3. if u remove the leaf does that hurt the growth process?

  4. I have a different problem with my cherry tomato plants. They just started dying from the bottom up, branch by branch, turning brown and falling off. Does anyone know what this problem is?
    P.S. the tomatoes themselves aren’t dying but they aren’t ripening either (but that might be a matter of time)

  5. Great idea, I love Neem oil.

  6. I fixed all those problems with some Neem Oil and a bit of dish soap as an emulsifier

  7. thank you for the vid. this helped me alot. i thought i was doing something wrong. just rool leave kind. thanks again.

  8. cool video, wish it were longer

  9. it means you were getting butt raped and ignored your garden.

  10. Can anyone tell me why my tomato fruit have developed a sort of rough little lines . Our summer has not been very good 2 HOT weeks but we have had cool spells too. Some of my fruit have split but I know that is due to the pulp swelling quicker than the skin . I am really dissapointed this year as a lot of my fruit is stil green and lots of the fruit has this roughness to the skin. Gratefull for any help

  11. Powdery mildew can be controlled sometimes using a copper solution. You can find these in organic stores. Some folks have luck with neem oil as well. You can also use a synthetic fungicide as a last resort if you are ok with using such materials.

  12. what about when the tips of the leaves start to brown and die off

  13. Spray fungicide every week as the the plant grows. PM is airborne, so just treating the soil, as with wilt, won’t stop it. Remove affected leaves and destroy them (no composting!)

  14. I love your videos but I wish you would go more in detail on specifics.

  15. They named three issues but only answered two. WHAT ABOUT POWDERY MILDEW??? How due you remedy this problem? I have it on my canteloupe and cucumbers. Please HELP !!

  16. hey good vid very informative :D