Impressive Big Beef Tomatoes, Gardening, & Prepping

We had a decent chance of rain, so I thought it would be a good idea if I cleaned up the Big Beef tomato plants by removing the leaves that had some blight. …
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  1. Impressive! That reminds me I should start my seeds so I have some growing
    in my garden.

  2. I don’t need your political or economic beliefs. I’m trying to learn about

  3. right on brother

  4. Well said man… well said. :-) 

  5. leave the politics for another vid

  6. This is a great video, but people are not suffering because of the deficit;
    people are suffering because they are systematically undercompensated. It
    sounds like you get your financial insight from Murdoch (the ACA doesn’t
    add to the deficit, it reduces it). America’s workforce has never been more
    productive is recent history and yet average wages have totally flatlined.
    We are the richest country in the world but thanks to the corporations that
    have bought and paid for our congress, most of that money is extracted from
    ordinary workers, which leaves them with no purchasing power to invest in
    their independent communities. There hasn’t been this much economic
    inequality since before the great depression.

  7. bless you brother, thanks! you are an inspiration.

  8. wow nice im just starting is ther website where i can get the seeds and how
    do u keep them from falling down and braking..?

  9. how did you keep the vines from going crazy. instead of using tomato cages?
    thanks!!! very nice tomatoes

  10. How To Manage Stress Reply March 13, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    Excellent results there! It’s great to see such good growth and healthy

  11. Beautiful tomatoes!
    I also share your worldview. The world has totally changed from 20 years
    We all need to be more self sufficient and neighborly. It’s about getting
    back to the basics, appreciating the simple things in life, and not trying
    to keep up with the “Joneses”.
    Thank you, and Amen to everything you said, brother. May you always have
    abundant harvests. God Bless.

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  13. Are those single leaders or more than single?


  15. I don’t think there is a “best”. I think they both work very well. Deciding
    on which way to go would depend on the specific situation.

  16. The ends are 4×4 posts, notched at the top for the 4×4 cross piece. I have
    a mobile home anchor in the ground on each end with wire run from the posts
    to the anchor. The wire is galvanized, about 1/8 inch, got it at Lowes. The
    metal support posts are top rail chain link pipe, with a small piece in the
    ground to receive each vertical pipe. It all worked pretty good, but those
    Big Beef’s put a lot of stress on it. I’m planning on using it for beans
    and cucumbers this year.

  17. Yeah this guy is the man. I agree with everything he has to say and admire
    his excellent growing skills. Hopefully my plants will produce like that
    this year. fingers crossed

  18. Have to say your the tom man for sure. I’ve watched quite a few of your
    vids now and was wondering which you think is best. The aqua/hydro road or
    the ground.

  19. amazing staff indeed. many Many thanks for your generosity in sharing your
    experience.GB .

  20. Thanks Russell. In regard to the health care, there’s no such thing as
    “free” if it’s from the gov’t. One way or another, the people pay for it.
    The rising costs seem to be a universal problem. There is little to no
    competition among providers, so they charge what they want. If costs were
    inline with other businesses, we’d all have a better chance of paying for
    own medical coverage. But at this point, that doesn’t seem very likely.

  21. Very well said…thanks for the encouragement.

  22. Do you have problems you birds get your tomatoes?

  23. Your accent is beautiful!

  24. Bobby, have you grown a Big Rainbow? I’m growing them this year.

  25. You can try some type of Blossom Rot spray. Several different companies
    make it. It might help.