Indoor Aquaponic Garden

This is a new series of videos focusing on Indoor gardening with aquaponics.
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  1. show how you made the liitle unit

  2. i have a fish tank i will be nice to see how you set it up i have a 20 gallon tank

  3. to go larger you just create an overflow reservoir that adds extra capacity outside of the tank, but is the same water as the water is flowed from the tank to the reservoir to the grow bed and back like a normal closed loop, just with more capacity. Hope that make sense

  4. There are all kinds of bacteria solutions that you can buy with out having to make a compost teabag for those that are not into worm farming and can help get a system established a lot quicker. Just FYI. Great video and some nice setups. I will shoot some vidros of some of ours we have had fro some time and get them up to help any one interested.

  5. Hi, just wanted to know how the fish react to the water after it has been composted with the tea bag? Thank you for the video

  6. Those are awesome !!

  7. might be your lighting or you need iron in the system try adding some chelated iron. don’t just dump a whole bit add small amounts every other week and monitor it for changes.

  8. you need chelated iron. you can find it in powder form in tablets at places like GMC or maybe walmart. just mix with a cup of water and add to the system.

  9. seems a little more complicated than. putting a plant in a bucket of dirt.. but whatever floats your boat. pretty cool man

  10. oyster shells can help with the ph and alkeline in the water.. its a great filter

  11. Air pony vs Aqua pony – which is more cool?

  12. your plants could be turning yellow due to poor lighting or iron deficiency which can be fixed with chelated iron.

  13. Cool as fuck!!

  14. , goldfish or koi work really well. If your wanting to eventually eat the fish, catfish or tilapia are a good choice.

  15. joeshittheragman42 Reply November 18, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I am building my Aquaponic grow system. I am using my Jacuzzi that I do not use anymore. It is outside the back of my house next to my patio. I made a slab for it to sit on. I have a submersible pump and a fish tank bubbler. For now I have a 2′x4′ grow tray. It will sit over the fish tank and the pump will pump the water into a settling tank and that will overflow into the grow tray. From there it will gravity flow back into the fish tank. I have not decided what kind of fish to get yet. Ideas?

  16. , when the system is new, I add compost tea every 2-4 weeks, depending on the plant growth. It works really well and the fish don’t seem to mind. Try my OrganiGro mix that I sell on my website. It’s only $6 for a pound and it’s the best mix around. I’m kinda biased

  17. Hey is there anything else you add to your systems I.E Calcium or anything im experimenting with aquaponics indoors at my house and the plants keep turning yellow

  18. , thanks for the comments. I liked your grow light video. What software do you use for the beginning of your videos? I love the song!

  19. , I just watched your update and I like your idea. The ratio for grow bed to fish tank is 1:1.
    Meaning, for a 10 gallon tank, the biggest grow bed you want to use is 10 gallon. If you were to use a bigger grow bed, then obviously there wouldn’t be enough water for the fish. The medium in the grow bed accounts for half of the volume, so even though you have a 10 gallon grow bed, at full cycle, it only holds about 5 gallons of water. Hope I didn’t confuse you?

  20. From your systems, it seems like I could put a larger grow bed for my 10 gal tank. Any advice you have for me?

  21. Nice setup you can probably make a second grow light for much cheaper and still get the results you are from the expensive store bought unit. I just finished a video on homemade grow light fixtures for cheap. good luck with the system glad I found your channel. I like to see people growing indoors.

  22. , no problems what so ever.

  23. , thanks! I built them. My new model has a wood frame with a pond liner.

  24. , the electricity to run this room isn’t as much as some might think. It runs around $30 a month for everything.

  25. if you live in Hawaii just put it outside ;)