Indoor garden salad!

Yeah harvesting my indoor garden lettuce, spinach and radishes!

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  1. Interesting

  2. as long as its not hybrid youll have seed

  3. I didnt mean on top of the radiator, i meant on top of the window sill/ledge and then it gets it heat from the radiator. but love the stove idea

  4. The lettuce looks so tender, and I bet if you clipped the flowers on the spinach, it would send out lots more leaves! Beautiful inside garden, I love it!

  5. Well here the radiator are like half a foot high so they don’t get any sunlight if on them lol, but folks use to do that on a window and the extra heat from cooking all day on a wood stove ust’ve helped lol

  6. It was actually ;) 

  7. lol! Sure is!

  8. that would be nice, especially since they can grow in small pots

  9. Especially with all that snow outside lol

  10. Wow! I bet, the snow melted at least a foot here! yay!

  11. Yeah for sure

  12. Thanks ;) 

  13. In the uk we put the tomatoe pots on a window ledge above a radiator for the heat to get an early start on the season, it gives us about 6 weeks extra growing time IF summer starts when it is meant to which isnt always the case but a lot of gardeners have heated greenhouses [parafin lamp] and that tends to do the job. great looking lettuce and spinach but i cant say nice looking raddish Painchaud because it just looked wrong ;)

  14. All that lettuce and spinach looks delicious!

  15. The squeaky is the best part of the toy! :)

  16. Radishes like the cold. If you don’t get them in early enough u end up with all tops.
    I love all the new diff kinds of lettuce I wanna start some lettuce bowls for spring gifts.

  17. Thesmalltowngardener Reply August 16, 2012 at 10:34 am

    Nice so wonderful to grow your own just the feeling of having done it yourself makes all the difference!

  18. Looked like a great salad. Energy used almost nothing, those lights are very low wattage. It was 20 degrees inside my hoop house today. The snow is almost all gone down here, I was out in the woods on my property today just a little patch here and there.

  19. Nice it really grew fast!

  20. Great green color.