Indoor Garden Update and Contest!

Join me upstairs in the magical mystery grow room for a fun update on the menagerie of vegetables and random strange plants that are growing. I have a bit of advice for keeping indoor insect pests from raining on your parade as well. ps: Let the Contest Begin! Your first contest question is in the video! :) Good luck and have fun! Contest proudly sponsored by: (NON-GMO seeds!) Contest rules and details:
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  1. I use pyrethrin spray for spider mites. It is perfectly safe for ALL plants. It leaves no residue and is 100% natural.

  2. Spidermites can be a real pain in the bum-bum. Are your methods ok to use on edible (or smokeable) plants? Thanks in advance for the advice, and keep on growin that life! :D

  3. I use coffee once in awhile to add a little acidity to my soil. Make certain you’re also using another source of nutrients for fertilizing. I don;t think coffee is the answer to adding much in the way of nutrients until it’s composted.

  4. Oh alright, well hey Ray I looked up that Pineapples really love acidic soil so I put some coffee in my soil. Do you think this is the right decision? I also heard you say that it is very nitrogenous so could it be used as a mild fertilizer?

  5. There are many updates on the grow room. They’re arranged only by date so you may just have to watch them in order. :) 


  7. a coconut

  8. or also know as “Tamarind”

  9. at 4:26 , the leafs looks like a “Sampaloc Tree leafs”. its a sweet/sour fruit from Philippines. i’m not really sure but it looks like it.

  10. Frankie Spagnuolo Reply August 21, 2012 at 8:11 am

    half of a cocoa pod that has no seeds in it

  11. It’s the cocoa pod from the seeds you took on that video

  12. it is a coco seed pod

  13. oh..right on w/ the pic @ the very end of ur vid!! ‘Say NO! to GMO!!” ..( i’d love to use it …where would i find it?)……Monsanto SUCKS!!! ..i hope all who read this have watched the documetary called “The World According to Monsanto” A definate MUST watch!! (it’s here on YT)

  14. Love the Datura :) ..i actually saw one of these one day coming out of a store ,here in So. had seed i ‘stole’ one (shhh lol)..i didn’t know what it was at the time..after a few hrs of research i found out it was a Purple Devils or Angels Trumpet Plant…ie: Datura …. I now have 9 plants.of which 3 have flowered and are just about to open..i can’t wait to see them! …they sure are a thirsty plant…love ur vids btw . Thanx!

  15. oh and I forgot to add half an onion a garlic tooth? and some cilantro (all raw) into the blender for the salsa and for all other mentiones uses… do try

  16. tomatillo: or green tomatoe.. boil them on a pan in shallow water untill they change from green to brown ish (without the paper peel) though into blender with salt and a half table spoon of knor chicken broth powder or a cup of your famous chicken broth a couple of serrano peppers and use this for enchiladas or chicken or pork ribs (previous broiled and fried to get a nice crunch) you could also add purslane(verdolagas) or chard(acelgas) to the pork and sooo good or as sauce as above described

  17. Some advice, don’t eat the belladonna greens or berries unless you want to see how powerful your mind is. You will think you are on a 2 day vacation but the whole time you were sitting on your bed in the dark throwing furniture around lol. Always fun. Other thing i was guessing kentucky coffee tree but they don’t look quite like that when so young and yours doesn’t look so tree-like.

  18. organicgardening987 Reply August 21, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    The plant you don’t know what it is is a passion flower,you said it in one of your videos.

  19. lol….mistaken chive for garlic. From garlic you’ll get what is called a “pigs tail”, that is where the seed/flower comes from. If you want the garlic bulbs to grow larger, just cut of the pigs tail, but don’t throw it away, because there are many uses for that.

    Green onion is great too, as the bulbs are produced they’ll drop to the ground and they grow fast all seasons long.

  20. Cocoa pod

  21. its a cocoa podshell

  22. Chocolate pod or cocoa pod.

  23. Cocoa Pod shell

  24. Shell of the cocoa pod! I think I remember you ate some of the innards when you opened it?

  25. creeping looking alien tongue inside cocao pod.. :)