Indoor Gardening

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  1. Great video! Very informative. One of my gardening books says that fluorescents that are more blue are great for leafy vegetables, and more red fluorescents are great for fruiting plants (tomatoes). Just a thought, as you said one of your fluorescents was more pink. Will watch for more of your videos!

  2. Nice looking garden!

  3. You can get regular white bulbs for cheaper and 3200 lumens.

  4. You will need High pressure sodium or Metal Halide lights to flower so I hear. I have seen the difference and it worth the money. 150 watt hps works great and no heat issues. Good luck!

  5. @1ShaolinStyle how to get i

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  7. @SPCkeith

    I’m using Philip’s Daylight Deluxe T8 bulbs with my 100% artificially lit WindowFarm. It seems ok so far.

  8. I like the idea of clear containers. They could be used as tiny greenhouses for sprouts. :)

  9. Hello 1ShaolinStyle, what growing medium did you use with your plants and what nutrients did you give them? I really find your setup very simple yet very effective and economical. Thanks for sharing this video :)

  10. Very nice…informative. Thanks!!!!

  11. i was thinking of putting a 400w hps light in a closet (typical size) to grow vegtables over the winter months. would a 400w hps light create too much heat with out ventaltion?

  12. @SPCkeith you dont have to look specifically for grow lights. Grow lights are just strong flourescent lights so any or those you find will work

  13. Not much is said about indoor growing. Any time in the past when I’ve tried to research this topic on this site, it always comes up with pot grows. I’ve spoke with people in garden shops with NO LUCK. They all say to just keep the plants by the windows. Well we all know that doesn’t always work in the winter. I grow citrus trees indoors. I found a hydroponics shop that taught me more about lighting. I’ve been using one t 5 light that is 4′ long with 4 bulbs in it, and it has done wonders!

  14. Does the cost of the lighting work out where you are saving money on the food itself?? Looks great… Thanks for the video!

  15. hi, I love the concept and I’m looking to construct a cost-effective design for myself.
    1) how much energy do those grow lights suck up? (in terms of a dollar amount)
    2) what’s the clearance space between the lights and the plants?

  16. wouldnt it just be better to use light from your window. by the time you include the cost of the elcricity along with the water dirt containers and lights, it would be way more expensive than buying organic

  17. @dudueloveass I got mine from the Ace hardware store. They are also used for xmass lighting.

  18. Any webisite where i could get some atuomated lightings to plant? My light is 230V by the way…

  19. Great vid. You should look into LED grow lights. Extremely efficient. Peace.

  20. Hey man I got another question. what spectrum do you use for your greens? i know for veggies and fruits you use 6400K to grow and then and then 2700K for when you want flowers. well since greens don’t produce fruits like beans and such so IDK do you still switch? also do you know anything about goring onions and other root crops like that? thanks man.

  21. @1ShaolinStyle ohh thats right the nursery’s, thanks. I asked at home depot and they all where like a grow what? lol I forgot about the nursery’s though thanks. (brain fart) lol

  22. You should be able to find them by all the lights, if not ask one of the emplyees that you are looking for grow lights. If you still have problems you can try your local nursery or look online.

  23. wehre the heck do you guys find the grow lights at home depot? I thought they would be by the lights but then i went by the garden stuff but no luck there. WTF??

  24. show us the weed

  25. Very nice use of the container and its lid for its water saucer ;) Never thought about using the lids for that. Agree on the last comment about greens..people would be shocked if they read up on the subject and also baby sprouts they are packed full of nutrients and tasty tasty!