Indoor Hydroponic Veggie Garden Update

Ripening tomatoes! Tons of Jalapenos, healthy green lettuce, big basil, oh my!
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25 Responses to “Indoor Hydroponic Veggie Garden Update”

  1. What hydro system you using? Can you make a video on it?

  2. The primary reason a lot of people didn’t finish the hydroponics building
    is due to an incorrect instruction.

  3. Nice garden! What is the timing of light cycle that you use for your
    plants? thanks!

  4. The downside of hydroponics is that you must buy “plant food” or nutrition
    and supplements which can be more costly.

  5. awesome! growing is my passion.. i have a monster tomato plant in deep
    water culture 5 gallon bucket.. in my closet lol

  6. dabid onethreethreeseven Reply April 5, 2015 at 3:30 am

    i just started my first jalapeno…are the leaves supposed to drop like
    that mine are doing that as well…just trying to figure that out

  7. haha your fingering flower vaginas

  8. Do you have or have had issues with your Hydroton.? as in even though you
    wash it and try and clean it your best it still makes the water cloudy.?
    How do you clean yours since i can’t seem to get mine clear. Thanks

  9. Thanks, this year I just finished setting this up outside in my small 8×6
    greenhouse. I typically follow the recommendations on the nutrient solution
    I’m using. I use General Hydroponics products and the recommended feeding
    is on the bottles. I was worried that this would be a bit above my
    experience level but really after it’s going for a few days it really
    becomes fun seeing things growing so darn fast.

  10. I’ll go ahead and try that Thanks.

  11. that’s what I do ..I tickle, man this is awesome!

  12. @daniliver the height of the lights is adjustable :)

  13. the dog is thinking man our own grown lettuce heck yea eat that shit lolol
    good video m8

  14. if it’s in soil too much watering possibly.

  15. awesome lookin plants man

  16. I love Penny, lol, she is so cute!! Garden looks great! Going to give it a
    whirl, just got to master my plan.

  17. What kind of lettuce is that? Great work man, Cheers!

  18. amazing, where i am moving too i will have a spare bedroom, maybe i will
    grow some hydroponic plant, with that amount of growing/ lights/ fans,
    etc…. how much do you think it adds to your monthly electric bill.

  19. Impressive! What nutrients are you adding to the water, and how much? I’m
    starting my own small rig, and I’m very confused about this.

  20. You certainly inspired me to start my own. I have been thinking and reading
    about it for a year but never got to see one in real situation. What kind
    of setup do you (equipment, space) have and what is the operating cost?

  21. looks like romaine possibly

  22. Mmm , you got a little jungle there xD. I wonder if thats a box or an open
    system where you can change the high of lights.

  23. Gnomeland Gardener Reply April 5, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Very nice garden you have there, I’ll be following some of your stuff.

  24. what size are your net pots?

  25. go for 2 inch pots..they are popularly used by lots of hydroponic gardeners