Indoor organic vegetable growing TIPS!

The proof is in the results I guess. Well here we go with some results that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. It’s fun, entertaining and actually very useful info for g…
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  2. I like ur vids, i m new to gardening, my squash plants are not doing too
    good , north florida land is sandy, i used manure and some top soil ,
    ground dries quick after i water, any ideas on how to give them a boost? i
    put plants in the ground 2 months ago and they still 6 inch tall, weird
    huh? thx

  3. Thankyou for the tips..

  4. Stuff the grape leaves with something and bake them like cabbage.

  5. yeah you can eat grape leaves there my favorite snack just search stuffed
    grape leaves or dolmades there better when there stuffed at least that’s my

  6. If you liked grapes leaves just ripped from the vine, check this arab food

    Hope you try them and enjoy it.

    Great channel


  7. Thanks, awesome! I love grape leafs on salads or stuffed with rice. :) I am
    glad I am not the only one that loves the smell of tomato vines, isn’t it
    the best!!!

  8. I wanted to ask some questions about growing tomatoes indoors. I am growing
    them from seed and will be transplanting the seedlings into their final
    home. I’m wondering how many seedlings to put per 5 gallon bucket. They are
    cheery tomato hybrids. Thanks! Your vids are awesome 

  9. Great video.Thanks

  10. ive been marathon watching your videos and the sound of your voice is very
    low and deep and almost as if you have a different twang i guess you would
    say in this video and then i looked at the date and realized it was from 4
    years ago did moving change ur accent ray lol. 

  11. respect!

  12. Garden Sheds Kent Reply June 13, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Indoor gardening is simply enjoyable. Did you grow your plants organically?
    Your video is quite helpful and it is somewhat very persuasive. You really
    convinced me. I found this video very beneficial!

  13. thanks for the tip, and all the other great tips! it’s so refreshing how
    interactive you are with your viewers. I really appreciate that and your
    enthusiasm is so contagious. did you know that?

  14. That garlic seems familiar. It might of been in the back of a cooking
    episode. I went skiing today :D !

  15. thing about growing plants that bloom you dont need bees to do it just as
    long as you can get them to pollinate most dont know that cool vid

  16. Had the seedlings in an improvised grow box with a 20W CFL (100W
    equivalent). Initially the peppers looked kinda light green, but now look
    dark and nice. Only thing I notice is that at least tomatoes are thinner
    than in the garden. And weaker, more flexible. But not really a problem.
    Now I have them on a south facing window. The leafs “kiss” the window
    looking for the light. When seedlings I used aluminium foil reflectors but
    now they’re kinda big for that so they completely face the window.

  17. The scent of hyacinth says “Christmastime” in Sweden. Hm. Maybe I’ll get
    bulbs this year. Thanks for the video!

  18. Really cool content. Keep the content coming! Thanks

  19. Haha my winter tomato plant looks horrible. I let it go unkempt and its
    just a huge spindly bush. Lol

  20. Hi Ray, have you ever grown eddoe or taro? I’ve seen elephant ears in your
    garden, but I was thinking about indoor taro. any tips?

  21. That shirt looks nice of on you Ray!

  22. @fkelly84 My guess is yes. I would dry them in a sunny window for a couple
    weeks and then plant them. I could be wrong about them sprouting, but it
    doesn’t hurt to try. Go for it! :)

  23. @mediamaker2000 I still have some tweaking to do with the mic. The old way
    had clicking sounds in the volume. I’d get complaints pretty often. I’ll
    figure this out sooner or later though. :) ps: The wattage usage of the 200
    watt CFL is around 50 watts. I’m getting mine at Wal-Mart for around 20
    bucks per bulb. The cost may seem high, but they last forever if you don’t
    turn them on and off constantly. They also save quite a bit on the electric

  24. I really enjoy all of your videos… I hope you keep them up!

  25. How often do you water & how much?