Indoor Tropical Fruit Gardening in Wisconsin

In this video, I’m just giving an overview of my collection of my tropical fruit plants. These are all grown here in Wisconsin!
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  1. You have a nice collection. We sometimes love our plants to death by over watering. Praxis557 has really good advice. Before winter you might take your plants outside re-pot add vermiculite, treat soil with Neem oil spray foliage with Pyrethrin the grow room with a good spray to get rid of spider mites. Maybe more light. Just my thoughts.

  2. Cool collection!

  3. we need more belivers like you.I am in Maine I also have a 5 years old avocado tree and some other tropical plant.thanks for sharing,Robert.

  4. Hey Kid Very Impressive for your age and keep it up the good work. Im Sub. To you :D 

  5. the fact that you are working with what you have and actually growing these plants, alone, is impressive. Subscribing 

  6. remember to allow your plants to dry in between watering. you may have an over-watering issue.