Ingenious Raised Bed Pallet Garden & Growing Over Concrete at Urban Adamah Organic Farm

John from goes on a field trip to Urban Adamah, a Farm in the middle of a big city – Berkeley, California. In this episode,…

25 Responses to “Ingenious Raised Bed Pallet Garden & Growing Over Concrete at Urban Adamah Organic Farm”

  1. Great video John, nobody can brush wood chips off of concrete like you!

  2. Great episode John, keep up the good work.

  3. ChrisGrowingOrganic Reply March 3, 2014 at 5:21 pm

    @growingyourgreens Oh awesome! You might double your viewers after you
    start using HD, Some people only search HD videos. Can’t wait to see your
    garden in HD. Did i mention HD enough?? HDHDHDHD :D

  4. ChrisGrowingOrganic Reply March 3, 2014 at 5:43 pm

    John if i were´╗┐ to start a fund raiser on getting you a Flip HD Ultra,
    would you use it? The HD quality would make your “already awesome videos”
    even better! Plus i would throw in the macro lens and you could do super
    close ups on plants!

  5. I had a permanent organic raised bed garden at my last home, but we had to
    sell and move. Now I’m in a rental and didn’t really want to grow in
    containers all that much. This is a perfect idea! I love it! Thanks so much
    for this video and showing all the different ways they’ve made growing
    portable and yet roomy enough to feel like you have a substantial plot!

  6. That hardware cloth mesh is EXPENSIVE. They must have the best free hookups
    on everything. And as well they should for what they are doing to give back
    to the community. Great work!

  7. Also, if you’re lining it with burlap anyways, couldn’t you use a less
    expensive wire mesh, say chicken wire? You might get some bulging out of
    the holes, but I can’t see why that would be a problem. It also might
    require a little extra wood bracing to be as stable.

  8. great episode :)

  9. Vertical farms are getting all kinds of funding.You should look into
    Dr.Dickson Despommier’s projects who is at Columbia university. Will
    produce much more produce with very little water used.

  10. I’m planning on making some raised Garden beds that will be 16 inches deep
    but waist high so that I can have easier access because I have a bad back.
    I also want to make a self contained watering system using a rain barrel or
    bucket. Any suggestions? It’s for my apartment patio. I love your videos
    they have Inspired me to make my current garden into a fruits and veggie


  12. John, what is your opinion of hugelkultur? I was wondering how well it
    would work if you just stacked a couple of pallets on top of each other
    with a few of the slats removed, filled in all the crevices with dirt and
    grew in it? I feel like it would increase the water retention capabilities
    while the wood as it breaks down would aerate and add nutrients to the
    soil. Even the nails would add iron! This would keep from having to buy
    anything. What’s your opinion?

  13. i watch at construction site or road work. I make a plate of cookies & ask
    for the throw-aways at the end. Hardware cloth, plastic fencing etc. Be
    prepared with a release & hold harmless note, truck/trailer & wire cutters.

  14. Perhaps they’re SIPs? That would make sense based on the construction
    method and description of the design theory.

  15. Incredible! (Adamah)

  16. Refurbished is the economical way to go. Just means that they caught a
    defect in the product and they replaced a couple things to make it good as
    new. All you do is save money buying refurbished. xD

  17. Thanks for the great video John!

  18. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens Reply March 4, 2014 at 12:12 am

    Home Depot or Lowes.. or other Hardware Store.. Looked it up and I guess it
    can get expensive.. Maybe try a feed store/farm supply store? They do also
    have the plastic hardware cloth, much less expensive, if you wanted to go
    that route for certain projects..

  19. Raquel Antoinette-Relph Reply March 4, 2014 at 1:03 am

    I was hoping I might find one of your videos on this topic! I am
    encountering a few problems while building these raised beds because I
    don’t have any money for mesh or saws or anything that many of these videos
    recommend I have in order to build one. How deep should a raised bed be?
    Would the depth of one upside down pallet be deep enough?

  20. Great information, thanks! Is the hardware cloth/mesh secured to the pallet?

  21. Great vid & awesome place…very ingenious.

  22. Great job, John, showing creative ideas!

  23. I finally found the answer i’ve been looking for ! I own guinea pigs so i
    use aspen wood shavings for their bedding, my father as used the wood
    shavings and their dropings over some vegetables he grows around our house.
    And i’m starting raised beds made of cinder blocks over cement. But i never
    thought of using the woo shavings over the cement then the soil and stuff,
    to make sure my raised beds don’t flood from sudden rains !. Thank you John
    for this video :D

  24. John – even though the pallets are ostensibly free, when one adds the
    material cost of lining the bottom and sides of the pallets with 1/2 ”
    hardware cloth (it’s incredibly expensive; I know this from my chicken coop
    construction) and burlap which degrades over time, urban growers would be
    many, many dollars ahead just to construct their growing beds out of cedar
    boards or any other other type of wood.

  25. corporatejungles Reply March 4, 2014 at 4:02 am

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