Installing a Drip Irrigation System for Raised Beds

Install a drip irrigation system for your raised beds. Save water and cut down on weeding by installing a simple yet effective drip irrigation system for all…

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  1. Where did you buy your filter with male inlet / female outlet? I am
    searching and thinking, maybe, I could order male on both ends and then use
    a double female hose swivel/connector but couldn’t find one in black
    plastic. They are all brass. Thanks.

  2. I’m working on designing something for my mother, this was extremely
    helpful, thank you!

  3. Thank you for the guidance. Very informative. I like the way you
    explained. I am looking for brochures for the parts you have been using.
    Would you be able to guide me to any web site. I am from Sri Lanka. Thank
    you again. Keep up the good work.

  4. Excellent video. 

  5. Doesn’t automatic systems like this take away the enjoyment of watering
    your garden manually?

  6. Thank you so much for this…I been thinking about installing a drip line
    but was very intimidated…now I think I can do this…

  7. thnx for sharing I need to set up a watering system soon this will
    be helpful

  8. Shouldn’t your filter be before the timer and pressure reducing valve to
    stop any of the sediment from blocking or damaging them?

  9. how many drip emitters can be put on a single run of hose?

  10. This is exactly what I was looking for, will be putting this setup in over
    the next week or so.

    Thanks again.

  11. Awesome video. Very informative. Is there a reason you didn’t use PVC from
    the T connector over the arbor? Was it just easier? Or was there some other

  12. Hi there. So with your red handle (that you turn your faucet on), do you
    turn that on and it stays on? Sorry for this silly question, I am brand
    new to this. But would that be running all the time even with a timer? 

  13. Very informative. Watched the whole 20min movie waiting to see it in
    action,…. Why did you not turn it on? How much water actually comes out?

  14. great job
    i love the explanation well done
    thank you 

  15. what is the brand of those little green spigots you are using?

  16. Thanks a ton for the video. Very helpful and detailed. A suggestion for
    future videos. Adding the detail of the materials you used in the about
    section will help us build a shopping list as we watch the video. :) 

  17. Puveneswari Shunmugam Reply November 26, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    tq,, it helps alot..

  18. could you save me a lot of time and compile a list of the basic items I
    would need to buy? pvc size, reducer sizes, hose size, etc… and I don’t
    see you using any sort of Teflon tape for your connections or glue for your
    pvc joints?

  19. Great video! Explained so much. Thanks.

  20. Good info…but is there ANYTHING in the state of California that they
    don’t say is a cause of cancer? California is kind of a joke around my
    area…It is safe as long as your not in Cali.

  21. I am in the process of building raised beds in my greenhouse with a drip
    system. This was really helpful and will be looking at adopting some of the
    tips you have shown.

  22. Fantastic video – heading into Australian Spring, and my first season with
    raised beds and irrigation. Between yourself and okraw, I think I’ll
    survive. Cheers mate – I look forward to your other videos.

  23. very nice

  24. Solar Tech DIY, Inc Reply November 26, 2014 at 11:01 pm

    Bravo sir! I was searching for information about this topic and you have
    answered every single one of my questions. Very well done, all around
    because I believe I have uncovered a trove of knowledge. Thank you!

  25. Well, I’ve been doing drip irrigation since the early 80′s, You’ve done a
    great job! Thing is, I don’t trust those windup timers as they always seem
    to fail at some point. Rain Bird use to make spaghetti tubing (1/8) out of
    nylon and it was very user friendly. I haven’t seen it for a couple of
    years now? Great tip on the emitters.