Julie Bass: Michigan Woman Facing Jail Time for Planting Vegetable Garden Speaks Out 1/2

Mike talks with Julie Bass, the Michigan woman facing jail time for the crime of planting a vegetable garden. http://www.infowars.com/ http://www.prisonplane…
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25 Responses to “Julie Bass: Michigan Woman Facing Jail Time for Planting Vegetable Garden Speaks Out 1/2”

  1. Why was it necessary to grow their veges in the front of the house?

  2. What plant can be more decrotive then fucking strawberries and tomato’s?
    Sigh….ahwell, i;m sorry for the woman, but this news is great for waking
    up ignorant people! Good show Mike!

  3. Keywords: Local Agenda 21 Jurisdiction Obligation Consent

  4. @tiatdivad 2 nights ago i was walking down the streets of Houston and i
    began imagining Monsanto creating a purple grass that looked green when it
    was dying from lack of water. In my imagination I envisioned the Monsanto
    grass was so sick that the more it began to die and rot the greener it
    looked. It was just my imagination gone wild.. and then, a day later i read
    a news story about GMO grass….. i mean WOW, even my wildest imagination
    is not a limit for the elites. Monster Grass is EVIL

  5. @tangledweb79 i’ve heard you can change that by editing the land patent

  6. Front yard gardens are very common and useful. This is silly the city
    should be embaresed.

  7. Wow!?………..It seems to me 93 days in jail, is a bit
    lenient?…………I was thinking she should have gotten more like 5 to 10
    years, by the NWO city Nazi’s………..

  8. well tangledweb you are right but what does ‘enough said’ mean. As long as
    she pays her extortion money (taxes) to the State that is ‘legally’ her
    home, her land (to use) and her choice to GROW A GARDEN. And the legalities
    of the Deed, is just Corrupt BIG BROTHER Politics writing laws that allow
    them to STEAL from others and was NEVER the case in the Founding of America
    and the aquisition of lands.

  9. I hate to tell you people but even the most brutal monarchies of the past
    allowed the serfs to have gardens to feed themselves after a percentage of
    yield was given in for taxes.

  10. who the hell is this guy? i guess hes better than that british douche bag

  11. Get a SPAS shotgun, and tell them to get lost next time they drop by.

  12. Ironically, jail time would highlight this issue to the public even more.

  13. @Howie47 Great suggestion!

  14. @Schutzgemeinschaft I am probably a lot older than you, and at least I know
    the difference between, ‘Comedy & Reality’ !

  15. Maybe the TSA can frisk this female criminal. Is this where the stimulus
    money went to, to subjugate citizens and pay for a do nothing police state
    and bureaucrats??? Just guessing… Her vegetables are dangerous. They
    might explode in the Sun. Everyone panic, and give up their constitutional

  16. a bit harsh sometimes……sorry

  17. Well, Arab Spring began with one vegetable seller getting harassed. You can
    only push small time farmers so far (Shay’s Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion,
    Helderberg War)

  18. Maybe the code enforcer has memories of being raped with a carrot or maybe
    even a zucchini; I’d threaten rape with a fucking pumpkin and smash it over
    the fuck’s skull and force feed tomatoes till the fuck exploded. DONT FUCK
    WITH MY FUCKING GARDEN FUCKERS; I guess they don’t get it cause the garden
    is the last straw and people will loose it and cap every last one of these
    bitches. ELE bitches… ELE.

  19. …seek robert mehard from my playlist marked “letter of the law”; ~policy
    tickets are a corporate affair seeking remedy, on the back of ticket
    “order” where you sign, place your fee schedule hourly rate (plus any
    dispersement ) for going to court to resolve this dispute, state it to
    policy enforcement officer as you hand back and ask ” are you sure you wish
    to pay for this ordered service; here is my bill ” (read it to officer out
    loud) for such service & ideally have your evidence cam rolling

  20. @ParkerBe23 Didn’t say anything remotely like what you are implying. Please
    apologize and stop trolling for responses.

  21. More YT drama. Vegetables are now a poster child for American fascism and
    absurdity. Conform and be free?

  22. Everyone on this planet has the right to grow food. No one has the right to
    tell you that you can not.

  23. It’s a great double act. Mrs Bass plants vegetables, whilst Mr Rulkowski
    (who has to consult a dictionary to learn what “suitable” means, promptly
    forgets what he read, and proceeds to makes up his own novel definition of
    the word) does a damned good imitation of one. No, I take it back. The
    comparison would be highly insulting – to vegetables.

  24. As pathetic as this situation is, it happened for a reason. God is using
    Ms. Bass to fight against tyranny and for food freedom! (like we should
    have to fight for that, right?) Welcome to Amerika, Folks! Keep up the good
    work, Ms. Bass!!

  25. It’s simple. Vegetables are “inappropriate” and flowers are “appropriate”
    because you can’t eat flowers.