Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight the Law and Win!!!

Grow Food Not Laws. In this video Luke Rudkowksi of WeAreChange speaks with Jason and Jennifer Helvenston, gardeners who were targeted by the state. Are Amer…
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25 Responses to “Lawn Vegetable Farmers Fight the Law and Win!!!”

  1. Illegal to grow food in america? How’s that for your ”land of the free”?

  2. Why do Americans have to fight to grow a garden on their own property?
    These folks give back to society, to the poor, and to the environment by
    reducing lawns grown with fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and
    fungicides. They nourish the earth and ask for #freedom to be good
    citizens. #patriotgarden 

  3. These folks need some chickens!
    LOVE this interview!

  4. mr Helvenston`s smile is really creepy

  5. It should be illegal to not grow food there

  6. Sounds like what I hear from Home owners Association BS popping up in
    cities. Just don’t buy anything involving homeowners association. 

  7. As long as we are concerned with what we can get for ourselves we will
    constantly screw everything up in the long term. I’m amazed that people
    dont realise that a system where you can apparently go anywhere in the
    world, do anything and own anything is going to get over crowded really

  8. Good news. The food corperations with the help of Gov is attempting to
    slowly take our rights away so we have to buy our food.

  9. ” They” have forgotten who they work for.

  10. So no pics of the Garden?

  11. George W. Bush- ` They hate us because of our freeedoms`. Which ones? 

  12. people don’t you understand the courts don’t care if your right , they only
    care that no one rebels against their rule.

  13. Awesome, I have been following this fight for quite a while, and glad to
    see that sanity prevailed.

  14. Great video! Keep up the great work guys, piece by piece we take this
    planet back. 

  15. None of your business Reply February 28, 2015 at 4:40 am

    The government does not like you to take profit from their friends at the
    Food Factories.

  16. Great interview. But It would never fly in NY. When you dont pay your
    fine, it will go directly to criminal court for contempt. Unless you have
    a really good out of state lawyer that is legaly allowed to practice law in
    NY and good luck.

  17. I’ve read it is becoming illegal to collect rain water in America too!

  18. I say garden in back for total private stock for family then well
    manicured/landscaped garden in front for private/public so if someone is
    down n out and hungry… let people help themselves for small amount
    (knowing others may need some too. respecting the fact of those who care
    are willing to shared!! Drive n deliver free food to others, planting etc.
    As long as the garden is well designed to look great!! It would enhance the
    appeal of the home!!! Like bushes, flowers… landscaped gardens!
    Fantastic!! So many people having to eat cheap junk food or not eating much
    food at all. We are in very tight budget, with both out disabilities its
    getting harder to til the soil(in wis. its tough), keep weeds!, bugs n
    animals out(although we share abit w our lil’ furry friends from time to
    time), water etc. It would be great if we could join a group if we want, so
    others could help us physically then donate food in return!!!! Love this
    idea. Heard things like this awhile back..(30yrs. :-) maybe I should try to
    organize something here!!?? More I think about it the more I like it. AND

  19. i don’t get amerca. in europe it’s just natural that people make vegetable
    gardens. most governments even encourage people to do that

  20. it wasn’t the state, the city or local authorities who threatened
    to fine them for the vegetable garden orders are coming from
    the TOP, the corporations who actually run this country

    contrary to popular belief its not the names they put in
    office making any of the decisions important or not the
    decisions come from the top follow the $$$$$$$$$$$$ trail
    if you want to know who is running things here. 

  21. Great post
    Shanks for sharing

  22. Wow…I love it! Great message! I will advocate! Sharing!

  23. Love the concept

  24. Some people have voiced concerns that gardens might cause neighboring
    property values to drop. I do think this is a potential issue if more
    people decide to garden their front lawn and don’t do it properly, but that
    doesn’t mean gardening should be banned. Gardening should be ADOPTED by
    homeowners associations and property managers to help people garden their
    lawns responsibly and aesthetically, so that property values remain intact.
    That’s what HOAs are for, to make sure some guy doesn’t grow a jungle. But
    developing rules for nice, productive, well managed gardens for everyone?
    Totally Doable.

  25. These people are so inspiring!! Look how happy they look! They are beaming
    with positivity. What an incredible idea to grow your own food, help others
    do the same, aid the disadvantaged and create a happy, thriving community;
    all without money involved. I hope this idea catches like wild fire!