Live frugal-Harvesting Heirloom Seeds

A way to add seeds to your storage for very. Take a little time to collect for later from your harvest. My Homemade seed safe vid

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  1. I use paint cans I get from lowes, they are empty and never had paint in them and I put my seeds that are in their packets in ziplock baggies to protect them. and put them in the paint cans and seal them. I have 5 paint cans with heirloom seeds in them for when we get our homestead. That’s how I created my seed bank.

  2. Great vid, ty :)

  3. Thanks for sharing brother. TT

  4. Dont we all lol God Bless

  5. Thank you sir God Bless yall aswell

  6. Well glad you liked it and hope it helped God Bless

  7. There is no exact time there are guidelines but only others opinions the colder and less moisture you store them in the longer they will last 10yrs is a good number in ideal conditions. hope it helps God Bless

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  11. Great intro bud…another great video

  12. been saving me some seeds too.. now get in the house before you get struck by lightning..LOL

  13. I think so! LMAO!

  14. Right on , start a seed bank. cool

  15. How many years are the seeds good for?

  16. Loved it. Thanks for this video, I need help in this area. Going to watch your seed safe video now

  17. Heirloom is the only seeds I allow on my property. Putting them into a paper bag and placing them in the cold room has served me well over the years. Good info and thank you for sharing. God Bless you and yours!

  18. Good video. I wish you could plant bullets and they would do that.

  19. Backyardhomesteader Reply October 24, 2012 at 10:05 pm

    Point me to you seed vault video kind sir!

  20. Yes he did

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    hahaha hope your chickens stay out of the garden lol

  22. You know that is a very tender subject that I cant seem to get rid of lol God Bless

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  24. Well the first round is done I am about to till it in and plant alot of green beans. Thanks and I saw your comment to sultan “over the top bro over the top” lol God Bless

  25. @cokeman250 Good points buddy, I hear they work really well with Catfish that has fermented for about a year or so too:)