After many requests to video record my garden for 2013, here it is. Small garden but big harvests. I thank all my subscribers for all the great questions and…
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  3. Your garden looks great. A tribute to all the work and TLC you put into it.
    I have never seen or met anybody who puts more effort and study into
    everything they do to get the excellent resuls than you. Keep up the good

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  5. love the garden…thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Hello my Betts Pond friend. I really enjoyed seeing you catch those bass
    and pickerel in those little falls. I finally got a good largemouth around
    3 pounds on top water at Milton Primehook Nature Reserve. I like Milton. It
    was a very tough week using lures compared to lakes by me. We fished 7
    spots and watched at 7 others. 14 spots total. Tough fishing! I saw Diamond
    Pond but didn’t fish it. Just a tip…. I was told next time to get
    permission to fish on Millsboro flooded quarry.

  7. Start your seeds in soil less seed starting soil 1″ from cool white
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  8. now that is impressive harvest!! I also have early girls in my garden and
    they don’t get near as big as yours!! It looks like your holding a 10 pound
    squash. hehe you can I give up gardening is what keeps us young, I have
    also have some tricky problems with some insects and some late blight. To
    my surprise I found the parts of my garden were very alkaline .I’m diluting
    small amounts of vinegar into my water to help to reduce the pH just for
    this season. .

  9. If it’s that little $, should I bother?

  10. love everything you guys do in the garden. they are my favorite videos! I
    was so happy to see you do another video, I just can’t believe how prolific
    your tomatoes are… mine did well this year, but not terrific, and we had
    just the wettest season ever, so we has just a terrible time with
    desease… glad you made it through ok!

  11. Great Garden. I’m a gardener in Georgia. I’m from up north and the city, so
    I’m just learning about all this. I cannot grow tomatoes intentionally. If
    a plant comes up, it’s from compost. I’ve tried starting indoors and
    everything. Any ideas?

  12. Happy trails from DE! We met at bets pond on 113…

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  14. I also enjoy your videos. Back in April 2010, you focused on a beautiful
    hot pepper plant that you had grown from seeds given you by a friend who
    got them from his grandmother. The pods were deep red, known as “cola de
    gallo”, or “beard of the rooster”.Your description of the pepper’s taste
    has had me searching all over for it. I have looked and looked all over the
    internet for that pepper, to no avail. Do you have any seeds that I can
    buy? If not do you have any leads on where to look? Thanks