Low Calorie Recipes – Yummy Stuffed Tomatoes in a Noodle Hot Pot!

Hi wubblies :) !! Find out 5 healthy benefits of eating tomatoes as well as the full written recipe for vietnamese inspired mince stuffed tomatoes in a noodle…
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  1. Kelyrin's Cooking & Bento Reply January 15, 2014 at 10:01 pm

    This recipe was awesome !! thank you very much :) 

  2. This looks so yummy! Could you/anyone tell me how much calories this is? 

  3. GrEatttt

  4. I added garlic to the filing and it was so good!

  5. Thanks Wengie for this receipe! I have favoruited this video and would love
    to try soon!!

  6. looks sooo yummi 

  7. Why do your recipes always include meat? D’:

  8. wengie your eyes looks really red in this video!take careeeeee.

  9. This looks so yummy but I don’t eat tomatoes hahah

  10. I’m Vietnamese !

  11. Is there any alternative for the meat? I can’t eat meat right now.. for
    health problems but yeah…

  12. Your face is a lot smaller or slimmer especially your chin, did you do
    anything different? 

  13. Looks very great and delicious! Good job! 

  14. Looks really yummy! I can’t wait to make these! :D 

  15. Omg, this looks so good but I just can’t eat tomatoes > <

  16. This looks so yummy

  17. Thanks for doing this video!!! ^.^

  18. i really like watching your videos you are really inspirational :) i have a
    question are the mungbean noodles low in carbohydrates and fat as well as
    being low in calories, and where can i get them from i love tomatoes have
    one everyday but im vegetarian so what could i use instead of the meat in
    the tomatoes thanks :) 

  19. Looks delicious !
    Definitely going to try this out, and snap a pic of it :) 

  20. Thanks Wengie<33

  21. I really like your low calorie videos and the diet tips videos thats really
    makes you special youtuber i really love you ❤️

  22. ur so pretty !

  23. Omg my dad make this all the time. Btw it’s a Vietnamese food 

  24. wengie! this is such a delicious recipe ; ; thank you so much for sharing ♥