Make Money by Helping People Grow Food in Raised Bed Gardens

John from visits with Jacob of Houston Urban Farm Co to share with you how he does a raised bed garden install in under 1 h…
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  1. Thanks y’all for making a video specific to Houston, TX. There isn’t much info for our region & I really appreciate the tip regarding Ground Up for compost. Quality compost places are very rare around here. Also you know you are in Houston, TX when you see more trucks than cars on the streets. :)

  2. Thanks for this vid ….more great ideas for my garden! :)

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  4. This guy is awesome and his company as well. Helping people grow food and making some money while doing something they love…awesome.

  5. Love this!!!

  6. Great video!

  7. cool, thanks MrEric.

  8. you could put down cardboard and then over it black large garbage bag. In either case after the cardboard breaks down into the soil all good barley any grass will grow just on the sides maybe. I find that during winter etc you cover them so no sun will shine on them unless you are growing all year long . You might get some little trees growing or cloves in a bunch here and there but as for grass it barley comes up after years of have an up rise bed that is what the three i have ever had.

  9. What did they put down to stop grass & weeds/

  10. corporatejungles Reply May 28, 2013 at 7:43 pm

    Jacob is a hot tamale! Yum…

  11. I just made two above ground Herbal garden plots by using two pallets and landscape fabric and nails/ attach the fabric to the bottom of the pallet. fill the pallet with good soil and plant away.

  12. What kind of licensed do you need to install gardens if any??

  13. Monsanto freaks hahaha!

  14. I’d love to build raised be gardens around the city I live. But how in the heck do you get customers?

  15. This guy is living my dream!!!

  16. How cool is this guy? I’ve only been watching his videos for a few weeks and have yet to see one that I didn’t learn something from. He seems to travel around quite a bit, that would be fun.

  17. RunsWithWolves951 Reply May 28, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    who the fuck disliked this?

  18. Space and convenience are the reasons we buy the rolls. It would take more time to accumulate the cardboard and find ways to store it in the compact space of the truck and trailer without the cardboard blowing out down the road.

  19. Space is the issue. We can fit more wood on our trailer than we can fit pre-assembled beds.

  20. we have already been doing the same thing , we dont charge for start up just to do weakly upkeep love seeing other peopel doing good work

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  22. Good thinking Brad, I’ve been pondering doing a similar scaling change next season but am also determined to move my tomatoes, eggplants and chilli plants out of the beds and into pots, changing focus onto smaller crops in my standard beds.

  23. checkthisupdotcom Reply May 29, 2013 at 2:15 am

    By the way if you need to contact Jacob call him at : (832)247-6643

    Just thought I would share :)

  24. kids would love it its a good way to spend time with them as long as you dont turn it into a chore then it will just become stressful

  25. handymanbananas Reply May 29, 2013 at 2:49 am

    Great vid John thanks! Check out my most recent video on foraging on Vashon Island, WA!