Making Raised Garden Beds

How we make our raised garden beds with our John Deere tractor and plastic mulch layer. Read more at ©Copyright…

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  1. someone shoot that killdeer…lol

  2. Joseph Christopher Reply October 19, 2014 at 4:47 am

    Whats the spacing between the rows?

  3. Thanks for posting this Front Porch! Great tool. Love John Deere.

  4. @TwoHappyChildrenFarm I make all our beds in one direction with the tractor
    tire in my last furrow so the machine is set up differently on each side,
    because one cultivator is in the furrow and one is in virgin soil. One
    thing I can tell you is to set up your cultivator shanks in line with the
    cover discs at the rear of the bed layer–their job is to loosen the dirt
    for the discs. Also run your cover discs as close to the raised bed edge as
    you can without catching the plastic. Hope this helps.

  5. very cool. I’ve always wondered how this was done

  6. I was just busting your chops. I no longer till deeply, just scratch up the
    top one to two inches to mix in compost, rock dust, etc, and also mulch as
    well. Have you seen the “Back to Eden” video? Very interesting stuff.
    Here’s the link: w ww (dot) vimeo (dot) com/28055108. Check it out!

  7. looks like excellent soil

  8. TwoHappyChildrenFarm Reply October 19, 2014 at 7:52 am

    Awesome. Thanks a lot. Lots to think about.

  9. hello. very interesting video. I am astonished you use only one drip tape
    in the middle but have two rows of holes to plant something in. is it 30CM
    dripping tape ? is it enough to water all the bed ?

  10. Excellent video. Thanks. Good luck.

  11. I was wondering how you made those nice beds in the prior watermellon
    video. Now I know. Amazing machine. Must have cost a pretty penny but it
    does a great job.

  12. Awesome. . I want a JD and some LAND! Peace UFO 13

  13. We do almost the same way. The only thing wrong with the bed fabric is the
    bugs love to get under it, then they are a lot harder to control. The drip
    tape works wonderful once you get the pressure regulated right and quit
    blowing it apart underneath the fabric. It won’t stand much pressure.

  14. Good ol’ Plasticulture

  15. What an awesome piece of machinery. Like they say, If you have the right
    tool for the job ; it makes the job easy. Nice video job of instruction.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. very well done

  17. Quit eating mass produced food then.

  18. I want one of those, do they make them in mini size… how awesome!

  19. nice video, I really enjoyed it

  20. How much plastic do you go through in a season?

  21. TwoHappyChildrenFarm Reply October 19, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    What setting are your cultivator shanks at/ have a 2600, still working on
    getting the edges covered nice like yours.

  22. nice vid – very detailed and instructive.

  23. safe to say, the average Youtube viewer diesn’t have a tractor like
    that—might as well be watching high speed atom collisons

  24. These guys are large-scale farmers. They obviously don’t screw around. You
    can plow your fields with your mule if you want to and plant the old
    fashioned way. That’s your choice. That plastic mulch eliminates the need
    to weed very much as well as labor and herbicide costs.

  25. OK, that’s definitely cheating! :)